Friday, October 17, 2014

Mind the Gap...

I've been slacking with the weekly updates and really on the doing things since I finished off 1st Platoon. The big push to knock it out wore me out as far as the guard were concerned. Then I got a game in three weeks ago and tried a list with a lot of Scions... that shit didn't work out so well. It was a 2v2 with Orks and Eldar versus  IG  AM and Tau. A lack of familiarity with the game coupled with generally dismal dice rolling and poor performance by the Taurox left me with little oomph related to the Suppressor variant project, even though I found an appropriate turret in a box of knock off building blocks.


Last week I got a bits order in (traded some craters for em) and started thinking about my counts as Mechanicus army. In the aforementioned game, I wanted to play my Space Marines, but I wasn't as prepared as I might have been. Since those bits arrived, I'm working to remedy that. I'm building up a command squad and a unit of Devastators, and hope to have both done in time for the game next Friday night.

Still not dead,