Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Terrain: Chimera Bunker 001

This is a terrain piece that GW still sold when I got into 40k. This, the Jungle Trees, and the Gothic Ruins were pretty much it back then, not counting all the FW goodies. I came across it on eBay a short while ago and decided that I couldn't pass it up. I've always thought it a characterful piece. The guys in the Design Studio did a great job using bits to add flavor to the scene. I can see my Imperial Command fitting in this bunker.

Of course, I can be counted on not to leave well enough alone.

The first thing I did was use a lighter and carefully burnt away the static grass.

Next I got out my trench segments and marked out a good spot for them to intersect the bunker. Using my razor saw and stencil knife I carefully cut away a bit of the foam detail and set it aside.

Next I cut a base out and marked the bunker entrance. I used my drill to bore the holes for the bamboo skewers that will secure the foam bunker to the MDF base. Tacky glue holds the foam to the MDF while the skewers are held in foam with the wood glue. I beveled the edge of the base with my stencil knife.

With the foam Chimera Bunker securely fastened to the MDF base I built up the new entrance with styrene H bar and coffee stirrers. The transition ramp is black plastic canvas, textured plasticard, and of course grit. I used spackle to blend the bunker to the base and cover up the remnants of the static grass. Once the spackle set I gave it a coat of grit. I also added a bit of barbed wire at the 'low' side of the bunker.

One of the things I considered when this piece first arrived was to cut off all the sandbags and replace em with smaller ones. That way all the sandbags on my board at any one time would match. Then I decided that maybe there's a Pioneer Corps detachment wandering around with some indentured Ogryns who can easily pack sandbags that size... It sounds like a fun project to take on some day.

Anyhow, all that is left to get this piece finished is painting. Stay tuned.



Saturday, February 11, 2017

Inq28: The Witchhunter 002

I've been lazy about posting of late. I've been working on my Ordo Hereticus warband despite the lack of updates.

Firstly, a list for this little detachment. I'm using the Codex: Inquisition detachment list. The one in Imperial Agents doesn't quite fit what I need. The Cyber-mastiffs are going to be counts as Arco-flagellants and their Arbites handler will be the counts as Crusader

Ordo Hereticus Warband

  Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lutor
  • bolt pistol
  • powersword
  Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband
    Crusader                   x1
    Arco-flagellant          x3
    Ministorum Priest      x5
  • eviscerator       x5
  • plasmagun
  • plasma pistol
  • autogun
  • bolt pistol         x2
Secondly I'm just about done with the unit. I have all the models I need.

My Mad Robot backpacks came in and I got that all set up to carry Inquisitor Lutor's myriad gunna. I also finished the powerplant on the baroque power sword he carries. I'm still working on sculpting that arm to match the torch arm.

Witchhunter Lutor is standing on his new base in the above photos. I've got bases for everyone in the unit, modeled after the deck of the technobridge. I'll cover those plans in another post.



Thursday, January 12, 2017

Terrain: Technobridge 001

Some years ago I got myself a Pegasus Technobridge. I still think its one of the coolest simple terrain kits to come along ever. Nothing ever got done with that first bridge past assembly. I had ideas aplenty but just wasn't comfortable enough to try em. I did end up using Google Sketchup to mock up a couple things.

Fast forward to the present and I've got four technobridges in my stack of terrain material. I scored two for the price of one on eBay over the holidays and when they arrived I couldn't resist...

I took a few measurements and got to sketching.

As it came together in my head and notebook, I told myself I wouldn't let this one get away from me like the (still incomplete) drawbridge project or sump ruin... but the bridge is 24" long to begin with. This project was already out of hand. The overall footprint will be 24"x18". Two inches of foam will form the base that the bridge ramps will sit on, The deck will be 3.5" above tabletop. I plan to add pylons made of CoD tiles and a pedestrian walk to one side. Under the bridge will be a canal and some pipelines.

I've got a pretty good idea how this will all come together in the end. As far as materials go all I need is bit of MDF for the base and some 2" foam; everything else I have already. This is very much a project still in planning. In reviewing prior builds I've come to realize that I lose momentum and focus when I don't have a proper plan. This project has a lot of little things to get knocked out before I start putting it all together. If I do it right though, the final assembly will be like putting a Lego set together.



Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Leman Russ Salvage 003

Build phase continues this month with the second to last bit of the Leman Russ salvage project before paint. I poured a mound of some essential pieces not so readily available. Before anyone asks, these aren't up for sale at all.

The last thing to do on both of these models is some greenstuff in the form of lenses on the turret targeting array and gap filling. I plan to get greenstuff work done on a few different projects all at once.



Sunday, January 8, 2017

Inq28: The Witchhunter

The first model I have put time into in 2017 is my Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor. Witchhunter Lutor, the 40k equivalent of Witchhunter Gero from Mordheim. I decided against using Gideon Lorr to head this warband.

I was quite proud of that sculpt, the hat especially. The varnish ended up way to glossy and no matter what I tried it never toned down.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am building this new warband to reflect my old one. So a Witchhunter Inquisitor will lead five priests with chainswords that count as eviscerators. The Empire Priest will be an Arbites Enforcer. I've got one priest, one of the old Imperial Missionary models. I decided to track down the other Imperial Missionary as well as the Imperial Priest models to fill the other four slots. More on them once they arrive. The hounds are accounted for,

Witchhunter Lutor is armed with a powersword with antique hotshot laslock inbuilt. The sword comes from the Empire Freeguild Outrider kit unless I miss my guess. The torch comes from the Flagellant kit, the body is from the Bretonnian Men at Arms kit, and the head from the Space Marine Scout kit. I have to greenstuff his left arm into place as well as some gubbinz on the sword. After that I'll be waiting on some backpacks from Mad Robot Miniatures to arrive before I can finish him up.



Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Man, 2016 was brutal.

It swept through and took beloved celebrities while leaving us with President Elect Trump...

I hope 2017 is a brighter year.

This past year I only managed to get ten minis painted. TEN! Man what a slack job... This year fortunes have turned and I'll have about twice the hobby time I had last year. Maybe I can get as many as twenty minis painted.

I spent the first night of the new year sorting bits and eating Christmas candies.

Build Phase will continue through January as previously reported.



Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Yule

Happy holiday wishes to all who read my blog. The gods of the postal service (both domestic and foreign) blessed me with speedy delivery of my Cybermastiffs and Imperial Enforcer model. I'm especially happy to have gotten hold of one of these.

In other hobby news build phase has been extended through January due to holiday guests invading. Not much happening this past week...

Oh well. Its good when family is in town.