Friday, March 31, 2017

We Broke It!

By 'It' above I mean my phone, and by default my camera. And by we I mean me. Don't throw your phone at the bed, ladies and gentlemen.

I'll get it fixed in the next week or two, in the mean time content will be sparse.



Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Inquisimunda: Van Saar Mercenaries

I have fond memories of picking up some Van Saar from eBay to flesh out a Hive Gang Militia unit for my Steel Legion army many, many moons ago. These guys came painted up in the standard Van Saar green and really contrasted well with the other hivers I had thrown together by mixing Catachans and Empire Militia. Sadly, those models are all long gone.

With the rumored return of Necromunda and the looming release of Shadow War Armageddon I decided to put together another Van Saar gang. I thought about picking up some first or second edition GW models and instead picked up some Vanderbilt Fighters from Mad Robot Miniatures. These resin minis capture the feel of the original gang perfectly in my humble opinion.

The Mad Robot kit included six adults and four youth. In the narrative I'm building my mercenaries are Mechanicus aligned. In that vein I armed my juves with Flechette Blasters and one of my gangers with a Radium Carbine. If I ever get to a game of Necromunda they'll count as more mundane weapons that look cool. For the Inq28 games I have planned (someday...) these guys will be armed exactly as they look.

The weather has been unseasonably nice these past couple weeks so I got some painting done. After a primer coat of Testors flat black acrylic I gave the models a coat of Orkhide Shade, then a coat of Snot Green, and finally a wash of Thraka Green. I haven't gotten any more done at the time I get this posted, but I do have a plan.



Sunday, March 26, 2017

StarCraft Remastered

Anyone not excited for this? StarCraft, along with WarCraft 2 and Diablo were some of the first games I completed (without cheating!) and some of the most fun for the longest time after. I played StarCraft before Brood War and until I finally lost my disc for the game. I remember going to the mall with a friend in high school and he purchased the Special Edition Protoss big box. My first copy of StarCraft came in the GotY box with WarCraft 2 and Diablo.

After 19 years StarCraft will be free. Not free-to-play, free period. I think this is a good move on Blizzard's part since if you have somehow missed out on this legendary RTS title you can check it out... and then hopefully be more amenable to purchasing SC Remastered when it launches.

One of the things I remember when getting into 40k was people complaining about how StarCraft stole the Space Marines from 40k. It didn't take me long to see exactly what they meant but I wasn't going to be butthurt about it. I started playing Space Marines in 40k during 3rd Edition, and most of the old fluff had already been retconned. Ah geek memories.

See the teaser page here.

I hope they bring back Tarpit D maps.

And I'm done waxing nostalgic this morning.



Saturday, March 25, 2017

Planetary Empires 001: Hive Primus

I've been splurging on eBay for this and that lately, like the Chimera Bunker. The latest has been both the Mighty Empires and Planetary Empires sets, including the hive city tile and the wizards tower. The Mighty Empires set I really don't have a plan for too much past using the tiles to supplement my Planetary Empires set... and the plan there is to build a world (maybe more) for all my little plastic men to have adventures on. The first step in the plan is of course the Hive Primus for the world as yet unidentified.

I had an idea while I was clipping out tiles and putting things together. It struck me as an idea worth exploring for my Hive Primus.

I started by thinking about my project and hacking up these mountain tiles, then gluing them together. Next I set to cutting out the hive from the rest of its tile. It took quite a while but in the end it was worth it.

After a quick rummage through the bits box I started building up the base tile. I have a very specific inspiration for this hive...

I think I'm on the right track.



Friday, March 10, 2017

Technobridge Bases 001

With the Witchhunter warband being ready for paint, I thought about what I wanted for the bases... technobridge bases sound good.

I started with these basic materials. All the bases got scraped clean with a stencil knife and then scribed so the glue will have a bit more to adhere to.

Then I went to work with my tools and this is what I came up with. All the bases I worked out for this fit somewhere on the deck of the Technobridge. The little black rivets are microbeads. I made sure to seal all the plastic canvas with superglue.

The next step in the process is to build a mould box and pour a mould. If the weather says nice I hope to get it done over the weekend.