Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ready for the big game?

Fuck yeah!! Go Pats!!

Just found this on /r/Patriots:

Seems legit. Then I found a more telling indicator of the importance of this weekend's matchup:

Friday, January 16, 2015

Terrain: Pallets and an Objective Marker

Welcome to 2015.

In late 2012 I ended up throwing together a pallet or two out of craft sticks. While serviceable enough looking, I never ended up using either of them due to an overall feel of something lacking. Every now and again I'd kick around the idea of pallets again, and set it aside. This time when I started thinking about it again, I had a breakthrough. I could use matches along with the craft sticks to get the look I wanted.

There is my original pallet, along with my tools for creating new ones. I used 1 5/8" as the length, and trimmed out 70 sections of craft stick and 30 of match stick to give me the materials for 10 pallets.

A stack of new and improved pallets and a guardsman for scale. The second picture is a 20oz bottle on top of the 10 pallets keeping them mostly in shape as the glue set.

This objective marker uses one of my new pallets as a dump for some engineering gear. These are some parts to effect repairs to a trench section that were placed and then not used maybe. This little hardboard base is the big reason for me to keep considering pallets. I wanted to do a little piece like this, but my old pallet design looked so off when I would mock things up. As soon as I got my first revised pallet done, I saw this piece come together in my mind's eye.

This year feels like terrain so far. Stay tuned to see what it brings.