Monday, June 30, 2014

Cadian Flame Troopers 003: Complete!

Six models closer to done! Seven, if you count the odd Tempestus Scion that I added to my painting queue as the rest of the flame troops drew to completion.

As mentioned previously, the line troops are a little shy of the adornment seen on the Special Weapon Squad. I want these guys to be noticeable on the table and in a potential infantry blob, but not out shine the rest of their respective squads.

Flamer toting Tempestus Scion...
...and another purity seal. That is probably how he made it into the queue, now that I think about it. Extra GS...hmmm...Stormtrooper with Flamer?...Sure, why not?- is the most likely explanation.

I'm a sucker for purity seals, what can I say?

Next on my bench are these final three models for 1st Platoon's command section.



Saturday, June 28, 2014

Paint Table Saturday no. 14

Not too much going on this week. I finished up the three remaining flamer/lasgunner pairs for 1st platoon, and am just working on their bases... plus one for a Tempestus Scion that found his way into my queue this week.

By the time this posts, the models should be plugged into their newly painted bases; stay tuned for that update.



Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cadian Flame Troopers 002

This week finds my Special Weapon Squad finished and based.

The completed squad.

I used greenstuff to craft the aprons these guys sport. The left over greenstuff went to my favorite all time use of leftover greenstuff: making purity seals. They are a small detail that adds a lot to the narrative surrounding my forces.

The rest of the unit. These guys haven't earned any purity seals yet.

This is a shot of the finished faces of the flame troopers. I wanted to throw this in on a Paint Table Saturday update but constantly forgot.

Well then, nine models to finish 1st Platoon. I think I know what is next on my to do list once the next batch of flame troopers is based and done.



Saturday, June 21, 2014

Paint Table Saturday no. 13

Hello, and apologies for the radio silence of late. Life, eh? It sure is fun sometimes.

Anyways, silence or no, I have been at work on the Flamer troops from 1st Platoon.

Here are the six line troops. Also included is a Stormtrooper Tempestus Scion that washed up in my painting queue. In the background you can see the Special Weapon Squad... are their bases, ready for paint.



Monday, June 9, 2014

Cadian Flame Troopers 001

I've gotten a good start on the twelve models I need to complete 1st Platoon. The line troopers will be relatively unadorned where the troops that compose the Special Weapons Squad will have purity seals and flame-resistant aprons.

The basic troops. These guys will be deployed to round out the Infantry Squads that have recently lost their heavy weapons. The flame troopers here need just a bit of prep and greenstuff and then these models will be ready for paint.

The Special Weapons Squad. Clearly more personality here in this squad. The heavy welder type helmet was a much more difficult thing to craft, getting the shapes right. All the flame troopers will have heavy gauntlets, these arms are already on paint kebabs and ready for paint.



Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hobby: Paint Kebabs

This is my paint kebab block. This great rectangle of styrofoam came as packing materials in some parcel or other. I originally thought of carving it up and using it for terrain, and left it on my desk, hoping inspiration would strike... While I was not disappointed, I was a bit surprised.

I don't know exactly which project I started using paint kebabs on. They are my low cost solution to using corks (the wine I like doesn't have a cork). I do know that every time I need more it takes less than 5 minutes to whip a few up.

This is all it takes to create a few to start.

One bamboo skewer can be cut into four paint kebabs. I just clip them to approximately equal length with my beat up sprue cutters. One paint kebab will have a pointy end installed already, the other three pieces I just whittle to points with my stencil knife.

Next I bore a hole in the other end to receive a length of floral wire, then secure the wire in place with a dab of super glue.

VoilĂ . They really are simple. When they wear down or break I can just craft some new ones. Same thing if I need more for a project.

One of the inherent benefits of using wires for this purpose is that when its time for a wash to be applied, I can position the bit in such a way that it mimics the final spot on a model it will hold. In my opinion this helps the overall cohesiveness of a figure painted in pieces.

I'm off to work on some flamer troops.



Paint Table Saturday no. 12

The first Saturday of June, and I'm back in full swing here after my hiatus. This week I finished the Company Command and Not Quite Creed, as well as a pair of Tau Pathfinders for a friend of mine.

Here is the Company Command again, with their fresh new bases.

And here are the pair of Pathfinders I painted for my friend Ty. The models are left unfinished so he can match the details to his army at his request.

This week I have tentative plans to get a Special Weapon Squad assembled, along with three more flamers and guardsmen each to complete 1st Platoon.



Thursday, June 5, 2014

Company Command Complete

A couple of days ago I posted my completed Not Quite Creed model. Featuring prominently was the model's base; stylized tarmac with dividing line. Along with the photos of the complete figure, I included a photo with both my versions of Creed and Kell. Almost immediately, Redditor /u/bobbothegobbo called me out on the disparity in bases between the two heroes of Cadia.

He was right.

Tonight I set out to set the difference right.

Having established that Not Quite Creed would be in the relative center of this unit when on the display shelf (someday...), I then loosely based the rest of the scene around him: the liaison officers behind, the special weapons and lasgunner to the fore, and Kell of course at Creed's shoulder.

After whipping up three simple bases, I started trying to vary the bases just a bit. On two of them I added wider cracks, another I cut through the base and then glued some half round plasticard in place as exposed lines. On the final base, I remembered a detail from the old Forge World roads, beacon lights in the center of the roads of the Imperium.
I set to make a border light for the tarmac the Company Command are standing on. I decided that the unit might be moving across an Imperial air strip or landing area, ringed with these beacons.
I think I pulled it off. I kept the tank tread from the original base in a small homage to this model's original purpose: Armoured Company commander on foot. Way back there were a set of rules which allowed for your tank crew to bail out in the event of vehicle kill. If you didn't get the crew, you only earned half points for the vehicle.

And here is the lot. In the end I have to thank /u/boobothegobbo for giving me the push I needed to get these models truly finished.



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not Quite Creed Completed

This has always been my inspiration for my Creed figure. When last we saw Not Quite Creed, he was in this state of repair...
I painted up the legs and got the torso nearly complete before I left town. When I got back (and after thinking about it for the whole trip...) I gave Not Quite Creed a bath in some brake fluid (don't drink the brake fluid, and dispose of the waste properly if you choose to use it).
It was a good call in this case. I was originally planning a black stormcoat. After thinking the matter over thoroughly, I decided upon a dark grey stormcoat. The final result fits better with the other existing officers I have, namely the Cadian Colonel which I now use as an Officer of the Fleet.

Once the grey was actually on the model and I lay down the first black wash over it I knew I had made the right choice. His base is two layers of .125 inch thick cork with some sand. I like basing my heroes on 40mm bases, so I do it. On Not Quite Creed's base, I decided to try a road technique I saw on EonsOfBattle's YouTube channel. In their video, they use yellow for the lines and I liked it, but I also thought something like that may jar. I decided a white line, broken with the sigil of the Imperial Guard. I freehanded the lines and winged skull around the existing weathering.
Here stand Not Quite Creed and Kell both. They make a great pair on the field-

...wait, what? Well, shit.

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to go Oldhammer it up somewhere. I might just have to see about rounding up the guys and deciding on an Oldhammer format that suits us all. Not a single one of us is a competitive gamer, we're in it for the narrative. Stay tuned for more on these developments.

So here is my chart now. I only turned one square green, but this completes my Company Command Squad. I think next I will work on some of the Flamer troops from Platoon I. I might just bang out the six I need, as well as the six regular troopers I'll need. Having a Drax-a-gram is nice, it felt good to mark progress in such a way. I'll have to remember to keep up on it as I complete more figures.