Thursday, October 18, 2012

Workbench Update

With the Undead Project finished, I figured this is a good time to take a look at my workbench.  First up is the Deathwatch Marine for TFP.
Yeah, he'll stay under wraps while I get him finished up.

Next is a Balrog to Bloodthrister conversion I'm working on for a friend of mine.  He bought a few of the plastic Balrog models to use as 'thristers when Codex: Daemons released since they were quite a bit cheaper than the metal Bloodthirsters... not to mention far and away a better model.
The problem is, he used these giant magnets to make the wings removable for storage.  So in addition to sculpting suitably Khornate armour, I have to make this joint blend.

For my personal projects, I have some terrain pieces planned, as well as some that it is far past time that they be finished.  The fences and trench sections are first on the list to be completed.

Counts as Armenneus Valthex
Finally, I'm moving forward with my Space Marines-counts as- Adeptus Mechanicus.  Aside from building and converting a bunch of marines, the part that is most exciting is creating some suitably techy bases for them.

All in all, this should be more than enough to keep me busy for the time being.  Of course, I'll be taking on new commissions as they come, since my projects can wait in the case that my workload for clients gets to be too much.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Undead: Final Update

Here are the promised photographs of the fully painted Vampire Counts army.

3000 points.
Nine Vargheists, painted by client.
Necromancers and Vampires, painted by client.
Close up of the converted sorcerers.
Crypt Ghouls, painted by client.
Grave Guard, painted by client.
Corpse Cart, painted by client.
Skeletal Knights, painted by client.
Zombies, painted by client.  You can see the Titan Forge Bases the client has chosen for stand in bases to bulk up the units of zombies in these photos.  The smallish unit here is extra zombies, fodder for raising.
Zombies, painted by Xi.
Skeletons, painted by Xi.

There it is, roughly six weeks of work and a total of 350 or so models.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Undead Advance!

A long off put update to the Undead Project I've undertaken for a client.  So far the count stands at 65 Zombies and 30 Skeletons, all from Mantic's Kings of War line.  Here are some shots of the updated progress.
Here is the sample model my client painted up for me to follow.  When we first started this project, he gave me a copy of his paint recipes, as well as painted models so I could see what I was trying to match...
I need to get better pictures.  Here are five finished Skeletons.  My client was very happy with the uniformity in his undead so far.
Better shot of the same five.  I finished these ones to see exactly where I was with the matching and to see how long it takes to knock out a group.  I find the time taken with a batch of minis scales accordingly.
One of the nice bonuses that comes included on the Mantic frames is this chunk of viscera and spinal column, which can help get more zombies out of the box than you bargained for.  My client is using a few things to stack his zombie count for the units, these bodies the least extreme.
Here is the latest finished batch of 15.  The bases still need finished: drybrushing, edges painted, and static grass application.

Next up on the agenda for the Undead Project is 30 more Zombies.  After that, we'll see what the client has in store.  On my personal agenda is a 3.5 D&D campaign, and I'm still working on my Adeptus Mechanicus Marine force.


Deathwatch Challenge

So I was bouncing around out in the 40k blogosphere, and hit up Excommunicate Tratoris's post about the Badab Deathwatch Project.  'Pretty cool,' I thought, following the links from his neck of the net to the source of the competition: TFP: The Badab Project.

These guys are running an awesome conpetition where you can throw your hat into a mini conversion/panting contest with the bonus of being able to donate the model to a group squad that will then go up for charity.  I don't know yet what charity it will be, and will find out and let you all know.  The charity is for the Marie Curie Cure for Cancer.  Competitions are always a great way to get the creativeness flowing.  I love this one especially since it makes use of one of my favorite aspects of 40k, the Deathwatch.

Stay tuned for updates.