Thursday, March 24, 2016

Terraforming Necromunda 004: The Drawbridge

While working on the sump station project I had an idea for controlling access to the place with a drawbridge. At first I was eager to incorporate it into the sump station, then decided it was better served as its own piece. I got out my notebook and sketched out a few things.

This is the first design I cracked out. You can see the suggestion of the Necromunda bulkheads in the column that supports the bridge. No sooner had I finished this quick scribble than I had the idea to incorporate a few shanties to the base, and an array of spikes and other physical obstacles blocking access to the bridge platform from below. If the Scavvies  could just scramble up then they may wrest control of this vital underhive crossing!

So with that in mind I revised my art, and set to work. I envisioned thicker walls, a near completely ruined structure that has been co-opted into use as a base for this ramshackle bridge above, as well as a group of shanties in the shadow of the bridge.

Now at work we had recently tidied up a bit. One of the things that I saved from the bin was a one by eight sheet of 1/2" thick foamcore, clad with plastic instead of card. I set about cutting it into two foot lengths and brought it home where it wait for a use. Turns out its perfect for this project. I set to work cutting the shapes I would need and then peeling the cladding.

Here is the basic structure of the ruin, held together by cocktail sticks. Nothing is glued at this stage, waiting for the base, a piece of MDF. I drilled holes through the base and secured the foamcore structure with more cocktail sticks and wood glue.

A little further along. It was late while I was getting the base prepped and I decided to carve in a Genestealer cult sigil and a paranoid slogan. The former will be completely covered by a shanty, while part of the latter will remain visible. I'm interested to see how visible the letters will remain after a coat of spackle.

The shanties basic shape are accounted for by blocks of blue insulation foam. Into each I cut a rude doorway and gave each a door frame made of stir sticks cut to size. They are secured to the base and ruins with more wood glue and cocktail sticks.

So next up is the coating of spackle and then detailing the shanties. After that, sand and debris and the base of the drawbridge will be done. I've yet to start on the platform and bridge, aside from the above sketch.

Finally, I'd like to give a nod to The Terrain Tutor, Mel, and his excellent YouTube channel. If you haven't heard of it or given it a look yet, go to it. He used to run a blog called Corbania Prime, and his Imperial Guard stuff is just excellent (fair warning, its been some time since the last update there). Anyway, watching his videos has been inspiring. The board he's been working on most recently for Bolt Action is just beautiful.

Until next time!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Genestealer Cult 002

Just a quick update on these models, I'm nailing down exactly what I want to do with the rest of the brood here.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Genestealer Cult 001

Nothing major but I got my first seven hybrids cleaned up and assembled.

More xenos scum to follow sooner or later... I'm considering picking up Space Hulk for the Purestrains.