Sunday, November 17, 2013

Terraforming Necromunda

Remember these? I think I was actually hooked by GW's card terrain back in 1998 or so, when I saw the Imperial Firebase kit. I wasn't even playing 40k yet, but this kit had potential. I mostly forgot about it until I got into the hobby, but by then they were largely out of circulation.

Fast forward to last week or so, and I scored a massive bundle of Necromunda bulkheads and the card that goes with it. Now that terrain is great fun, but not super durable. The eBay auction I won indeed showcases what happens when your card terrain is much loved and hard-used. What to do, then?

Build em better, that's what.

I started with a sheet of .25 foamcore and some of the card levels I want to produce. I traced the sections onto the card and then cut them out, leaving me with this:
You can see on the cut sections where I marked out the slot lines. The biggest challenge in this project is to retain the modular nature offered by the card terrain. I have some ideas about how to best this challenge.

Closing, I'd like to once again plug Terragenesis, and thank the creator Gary James for putting it together in the first place; as well as thanking Andy Slater for keeping it up all these years. The community is amazing over there, and very supportive of all comers. This project was inspired by one of their monthly competitions. I encourage anyone interested in wargames terrain production to check it out.