Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Amazing Kickstarter


Kingdom Death creates awesome, if sometimes disturbingly creepy, figures.  Check out their Kickstarter here.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Workbench Update

With the Undead Project finished, I figured this is a good time to take a look at my workbench.  First up is the Deathwatch Marine for TFP.
Yeah, he'll stay under wraps while I get him finished up.

Next is a Balrog to Bloodthrister conversion I'm working on for a friend of mine.  He bought a few of the plastic Balrog models to use as 'thristers when Codex: Daemons released since they were quite a bit cheaper than the metal Bloodthirsters... not to mention far and away a better model.
The problem is, he used these giant magnets to make the wings removable for storage.  So in addition to sculpting suitably Khornate armour, I have to make this joint blend.

For my personal projects, I have some terrain pieces planned, as well as some that it is far past time that they be finished.  The fences and trench sections are first on the list to be completed.

Counts as Armenneus Valthex
Finally, I'm moving forward with my Space Marines-counts as- Adeptus Mechanicus.  Aside from building and converting a bunch of marines, the part that is most exciting is creating some suitably techy bases for them.

All in all, this should be more than enough to keep me busy for the time being.  Of course, I'll be taking on new commissions as they come, since my projects can wait in the case that my workload for clients gets to be too much.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Undead: Final Update

Here are the promised photographs of the fully painted Vampire Counts army.

3000 points.
Nine Vargheists, painted by client.
Necromancers and Vampires, painted by client.
Close up of the converted sorcerers.
Crypt Ghouls, painted by client.
Grave Guard, painted by client.
Corpse Cart, painted by client.
Skeletal Knights, painted by client.
Zombies, painted by client.  You can see the Titan Forge Bases the client has chosen for stand in bases to bulk up the units of zombies in these photos.  The smallish unit here is extra zombies, fodder for raising.
Zombies, painted by Xi.
Skeletons, painted by Xi.

There it is, roughly six weeks of work and a total of 350 or so models.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Undead Advance!

A long off put update to the Undead Project I've undertaken for a client.  So far the count stands at 65 Zombies and 30 Skeletons, all from Mantic's Kings of War line.  Here are some shots of the updated progress.
Here is the sample model my client painted up for me to follow.  When we first started this project, he gave me a copy of his paint recipes, as well as painted models so I could see what I was trying to match...
I need to get better pictures.  Here are five finished Skeletons.  My client was very happy with the uniformity in his undead so far.
Better shot of the same five.  I finished these ones to see exactly where I was with the matching and to see how long it takes to knock out a group.  I find the time taken with a batch of minis scales accordingly.
One of the nice bonuses that comes included on the Mantic frames is this chunk of viscera and spinal column, which can help get more zombies out of the box than you bargained for.  My client is using a few things to stack his zombie count for the units, these bodies the least extreme.
Here is the latest finished batch of 15.  The bases still need finished: drybrushing, edges painted, and static grass application.

Next up on the agenda for the Undead Project is 30 more Zombies.  After that, we'll see what the client has in store.  On my personal agenda is a 3.5 D&D campaign, and I'm still working on my Adeptus Mechanicus Marine force.


Deathwatch Challenge

So I was bouncing around out in the 40k blogosphere, and hit up Excommunicate Tratoris's post about the Badab Deathwatch Project.  'Pretty cool,' I thought, following the links from his neck of the net to the source of the competition: TFP: The Badab Project.

These guys are running an awesome conpetition where you can throw your hat into a mini conversion/panting contest with the bonus of being able to donate the model to a group squad that will then go up for charity.  I don't know yet what charity it will be, and will find out and let you all know.  The charity is for the Marie Curie Cure for Cancer.  Competitions are always a great way to get the creativeness flowing.  I love this one especially since it makes use of one of my favorite aspects of 40k, the Deathwatch.

Stay tuned for updates.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Games Workshop's (relatively) New Paints

...or more specifically, the pots they come in.

I have a small bitch about this, and that is that all, and I mean ALL of the new paint ought to have come in the new pots with the stupid security features/ I don't even know what to call the stupid tab in the back that I had to cut half off of the Caledor Sky pot...

The pots are a mix of the '06 pots for the regular paints which suck; and the '12 pots, which suck worse.  I nearly tore my nail off when my thumb slipped while trying to open the damn thing.  The problem isn't the stupid tabs or the security things, its the lack of consistency.  If every new pot I opened had the things to contend with, then I may not have forgotten so soon.  But since the relaunched paints have come around, the Caledor Sky and the Liquid Green Stuff have been the only ones with these new features.  I'd like to cast my vote for a return of the '03 pots, the black flip lids/twist offs.  These were so bloody amazing...
Ah, well.  May as well wish for dropper pots, like nearly all the other decent paint comes in.

Okay, now that the ranting is done, how do I feel about the new paints themselves?  Well, as stated in a previous blog post, the recommended replacement for Shadow Grey is The Fang, and its not even close.  But that is to be expected in a new formulation of paints.  As for the important parts, these paints cover well. The Base and Layer paints both seem to go on smoother than the old Foundation paints and layer colours.  The texture may be worth it for some people.  That really depends on your basing style.  The only issue I have with them is that there doesn't seem to be much mileage in the small pots of texture paint, especially since the paint wants to dry around the texture in the mouth of the pot.  The Drybrush Medium, Washes, and Glazes I haven't tried yet.  Maybe for Crimbo, I'll get one of these...


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Blogs I Follow

Here are a few of the blogs I follow, and what they are up to...

Ten Inch Template, with an awesome Vraksian Bloodthirster.
One of the ongoing projects that I've been following is the amazing 'Aliens' themed Tyranid army.

James Wappel Miniature Painting with some amazing Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, old and new.
I love the mix of old and new models.  As I've stated before, the 3rd ed Imperial Stormtroopers are some of my all time favorite models for 40k.

Legion 9 Studios with some Space Wolves Terminators WIP.
Some great looking models on this blog...

And finally, The Beard Bunker, which is an excellent all around hobby blog, in my opinion.
Knights from an article about expanding an Empire force.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tech Marine Sergeant

I present the first figure of my Allies Contingent, Brother Magos Rickard.  The base of the figure is the Tech Marine that came with the 3rd ed Command Squad box.  I removed the arm that held the signature cog toothed axe, and added the chainblade arm from the Mechanical Implants and Weapons pack.  The cog axe was saved for another project, of course.  Here is a picture of this guy while getting painted.  I must beg forgiveness in advance, right now the only available camera is a cell phone camera.
The model got a base coat of Mechrite Red, followed by a coat of Devlin Mud wash.  Once dry, a heavy drybrush of Blood Red was applied, followed by a coat of Baal Red wash.  I should mention that I cut all my washes with a few drops of Future floor wax, which you can learn all about here.  It really is amazing.
The reverse side.  The next step was to pick out all the metallic detail that I wanted with Chainmail, and then that washed with black ink, and drybrushed with Mithril Silver.  The select bits of gold on the figure were first painted with Scorched Brown, then Burnished Gold with a wash of Delvan Mud.  The highlight was applied with Shining Gold.  The exposed cabled were then pained with Kommando Khaki, and washed with Delvan Mud.  The skin of the face was last.  While I got close to what I wanted, its not quite there.  I based the area with Kommando Khaki, then washed it with Baal Red.  I then drybrushed the area with a 1:1 Kommando Khaki to Rotting Flesh.  Finally, the eye and mouth were given a dash of Delvan Mud.  That wash seems to have been the star here...

Here is the completed figure.  Brother Magos Rickard, armed with a bolt pistol and a chainsword.  Soon to be added is his Servo Arm.  He will lead a Tactical Squad.  I will be adding some different Heavy Support options to this group, mostly since the conversion possibilities are so broad.  I have some plans for heavy combat servitors that count as Terminators.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Cadian Stormtroopers

These guys have been in progress on and off since earlier this year.  I've finally got the first five completed.  The squad is a mix of the old Mark Bedford stormtroopers, the Forgeworld Hostile Environment Cadians, and a few kitbashed pieces.
Base colours done, now onto the details.  The grenades were repainted a more suitable colour shortly after this.

Moving through the ruins of another Imperial world...

There are terrain updates coming soon.


Thursday, August 30, 2012


I took a commission to paint a lot of zombies from the guy that bought the AoBR Greenskins.  I've finished the first lot of fifty.  Here are some shots of the progress thus far.
The first thirty zombies get a basecoat.
The final lot of 20 after drybrushing.
The first and second lot of this batch.  Basing still needs to be finished on 34 of the 50 zombies.
The first batch of 50 zombies, all together.  This is one of a few zombie hordes this patron has planned for his army, all using the Kings of War Undead figures from Mantic Games.  For anyone who hasn't gotten a first hand look at these yet... they're just great.  Clean tooling on the molds, crisp detail on the figs.  The assembly is just slightly more difficult than the AoBR starter; but only because the GW figs have pegs to hold them together.  The sprues come packed with gubbins to boot.

In other news, this gem was acquired gratis, courtesy of the neighbors putting it out on the curb...
As soon as one of my housemates saw it, I rounded up my brother and we were out the door, barefoot, to fetch this beast from across the street.  I dunno why on Terra the neighbors decided this had to go, but a big THANK YOU! from Productive Thinking Industries for you.  The desk is not one of those cheap particle board constructs from Walmart, either; this bugger is SOLID.
...and here it is after being populated.  Its going to be nice to have dedicated project space again.

In the pipeline are some KoW Skeletons, more progress on my Stormtroopers, and the beginnings of a Space Marine allied contingent, 'counts as' Adeptus Mechanicus.


Monday, August 13, 2012

An Update on da Boyz

They're done AND sold, thus marking the first earnings of my little enterprise here.  The gent that picked up the Orks has commissioned me to paint up some Kings of War Undead by Mantic next, these blokes here.

I'll have pictures up as soon as possible.  I've had photos of the completed AoBR WAAAAGH!, I'll get them posted as soon as I get them from the photographer.

Til next time,

P.S.  I'm going to be getting in on Reaper's Bones Kickstarter for the Sophie's.  Everyone should check it out here.  The Vampire Level alone is an amazing value.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Nostagia pt. 2

So I got into the hobby because I had collected enough Space Marines to cobble together an army... and not a little one...

So I went in on my first starter, the 3rd ed box with the Dark Eldar and Space Marines.  Does anyone remember those terrible 'trees' that came with the starter?  There were a few battleforces that came with them, as well.  The others came with the gothic ruins sprue... much more useful.  Now that I think about it, I do believe those ruins came with the starter, too.  There was also included the battlefield accessories sprue, which included barrels, ammo crates, and tank traps.  I remember having so many barrels at one point...

I got a SM battle force, and then a mega force just to round out my section.  Keep in mind, this is when a battle force was $75, the mega force was $150, and totally worth it.  I got my army together and played with lots of troops at first, then a mix of vehicles and troops...  basically I had everything I needed for all the options the codex threw out at the time.  I got comfortable with the Marines.

So for about a year I played at the LGS, learning the rules and having a hell of a time creating all sorts of things with the VDR in Chapter Approved.  After that I dabbled in the soon to be defunct RTT scene here in Utah.  We had some absolutely fantastic Outriders before that program went away.  The first one I ever met gave me lots of advice on what units complimented what best, as well as tons of painting and modelling tips.  He pointed out White Dwarf to me, as well.

After a year of Space Marines, I was ready to branch out a bit, and I did...  Into everything.  I started Necromunda, and Battlefleet Gothic.  I picked up minis for Epic.  There wasn't anything I wasn't interested in learning.  The great thing about the LGS back then was that all the older gamers were willing to teach the games to us.  Hell, we even played in campaigns that had events over multiple Specialist Games.  After the SG range lost its *new and shiny* luster, I started a Chaos Space Marines force, and then an Imperial Guard force using Steel Legion figures.

After all that, there was only one GW hobby front left...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Horus Heresy

So for a few years now, Forgeworld has been dribbling out Pre-Heresy goodies, including the Conteptor pattern Dreadnought.  I've heard yes and no, from high to low, for the whole time, including definitive evidence that the next book would be X vs Y countless times.  Today I've gotten this lovely little teaser from the gents at the resin works.

Horus Heresy Announcement

I'm excited.  This coupled with the new rules set and the pending release of Codex: CSM...

Anyone else excited?  I mean, if the word on the street is correct and the FW lists gain legitimacy, then there could be all kinds of amazing allies combinations on the horizon.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


So I was sitting around thinking about the Allies post I worked up earlier, and I got to thinking about the game as I got into it way back into it last decade...

A buddy of mine had some small assortment of D&D figs, as well as some randomly chosen 40k minis... one of which was a Space Marine with Heavy Bolter.  The figure caught my eye and my brain flashed back to 1998 and one of my friends in high school showing me an impressive collection of Second Edition Space Marines.  I had only a passing interest at the time, playing Decipher's Star Wars CCG and MTG, as well as the MB classics; ie Axis & Allies.

My interest, which had imprinted unknowingly, was to be fully sparked now.

I inquired as to where my friend had gotten his few scifi minis, and he told me of the first FLGS I was to attend.  Over the course of the next couple months, I bought anything Space Marines that caught my eye.  I had quite the collection of special characters, including this Black Templar Marshall (the one on the left), and this Games Day 1999 Limited ed. fig.  I painted with a scheme that was somewhat original.  No one around here was using it, and the internet was a little guy back then.  The seeds of the community were there.  Terragenesis, one of the first terrain sites I found, is still around.

So one day the guy who was using his 40k figs for D&D came around and discovered my collection of figures.  He asked, when did I start playing?  I replied, Just collecting.  He informed me that I had the makings of a decent army in sheer number of figs.  It was at this point that I first considered a rulebook and codex...

Allies and Collecting

So one of my favorite parts of 6th ed is the new Allies rules.  This is a great excuse to collect more awesome for my shelves.  To reflect this, I'd like to repost a bit I offered about collecting from circa 2009.

"I got a large armoured reinforcement for my Imperial Guard over this most recent weekend. One of my gaming acquaintance who is leaving the 40k hobby sold them to me. I got six Leman Russ tanks with a variety of turrets, five Chimeras, four Sentinels, two Hell Hounds, a Thunderer Siege tank, a Laser Destroyer, a Medusa Siege gun, a Salamander scout, and an Earthshaker platform. Well now I'm not gloating (not too much), but this month's Standard Bearer in White Dwarf magazine was about the collection aspect of the hobby. With this new armoured influx, my collection of Imperial Guard now numbers over 40 vehicles, including a mighty Bane Blade. What do I do with them? Play Apocalypse games? Not really, actually. Right now I look for an out of the way place to stash them so they aren't underfoot or in reach of my toddler daughter. I am ever so slowly working through the process of painting and repairing them all, since most of them I have gotten in trade. This last batch I bought outright, but at a serious discount. Where was I? Collecting, that's right. Most of my friends in the hobby collect exactly what they need for their army and thats it. If they find a unit that works better, they replace something and shelf it from their army until it can be traded away or sold. My Imperial Guard collection has been growing since the release of the codex in 2003. I have Steel Legion, Cadians, Stormtroopers, and Death Korps of Krieg, and Adeptus Mechanicus models. There are lots of conversions in my army since I can't seem to leave well enough alone, and I expect it will be true of my Orks as well. I'm all about my collection. It's what does it for me about the hobby. I've played one whole game since the launch of 5th edition. I hope to play more with my Orks and I have high hopes for the new Guard codex release in May. More for me to add to my collection. I guess my point is, don't be afraid to collect the figures that you like from what ever you play. Even if you never use them, as long as they make you happy, go with it."

Since then around 99% of my hobby stuff was lost to me.  I'm slowly working on my forces, but instead of collecting a pile of work that needs to be done, now I'm finishing the bits I have before collecting more.  Getting into this habit has helped me follow the mantra some hobbyists try to achieve: one unit at a time.

Now everywhere you look on the web, people are offering different power lists made of the myriad of combos available on the new allies matrix.  These are great for the competitive gamer, but I'm looking for something a little more fluffy.  So besides thinking what I could add, I am also considering how I can cast it in the allies role.  For example, Adeptus Mechanicus-counts-as-Space Marines.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On the Shelf

I'm in Barnes & Noble at The Gateway SLC, perusing the latest scifi offerings, and to my surprise there are 10 Black Library books. 

Here is a list of em:
The Emperor's Gift - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
The Macharian Crusade Angel of Fire - William King
Dead Winter - C.L. Werner
Path of the Seer - Gav Thorpe
Void Stalker - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Phalanx - Ben Counter
Ultramarines The Second Omnibus - Graham McNeill
Gotrek and Felix The Anthology
The Best of Hammer and Bolter vol I
- both edited by Christian Dunn

Now there has been BL novels available for quite some time at B&N, but this is the first time I've ever seen so many at once on the new rack, regardless of how many had been released...  And it makes me happy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

6th Edition Launches

Here are some shots of the guys getting their first look at the new rules.  One dedicated gamer read the rules front to back while others read for games in progress, and the whole lot put their heads together to come to a consensus on how some of the rules play.
Adam directs Ork fire against Joe's Crimson Fists
Necrons vs Orks and Marines
Eldar vs Tau vs Orks

Another gamer was assembling his new Chaos Daemon Horrors for his allied contingent to his Chaos Space Marines.
And one of the employees demonstrated proper tool safety...
...don't do what he did.