Sunday, May 21, 2017

Terrain: Sewers 002

The sections for my sewer are largely ready for paint and I decided to try something new instead of the usual PVA, paint, and water.
This stuff is pretty good. Your mileage may vary but I got all the main pieces of my sewers triple coated with spray primer. I think with extruded styrofoam sheets it will work better. The expanded polystyrene just has too much exposed area to do any less...
This is my fault. I gave this piece two coats of primer and didn't give it time to dry properly before giving it a coat of black. You can see I ended up getting a cool looking texture for my efforts. Seeing this patterning was enough to make me slow down and give the other pieces time to dry properly.
Overall I like this foam primer. I'll probably keep using it in the future since I have quite a few projects planned to use all this foam I've accumulated.



Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Workbench Update

This weekend finds me with a terrible need to organize. The Land of Unfinished Projects is full of unrest since its packed to bursting.

So I headed to the store and picked up a cheap shelf and some Rubbermade leftover bins. These are great and I've been using them for bits and projects for a couple years. If you decide to use these then go get new ones and don't loot em from the kitchen it helps for peace and happiness in the household.

I promise.

Creatively positioned bins to imply progress.
And there we go! Some of my mess is more contained. I've got plenty of room on these shelves to actually corral my ever expanding selection of bits for modelling and terrain construction. The leftover bins will be great for keeping projects together when I'm not working on them. Protip: sharpie wipes off these bins with a bit of alcohol on a tissue or whatever, so don't be afraid to write on them,

Everything else is on hold while I get this under control.



Thursday, May 18, 2017

Inq28: So Many Options...

I've managed to score on eBay, and in a big way.

This is the result of three lots and worth every single red cent I paid. When I started looking for priests for Witch Hunter Lutor's retinue, these lots crossed my radar and I couldn't help myself. I don't know whether these models will remain stock or be converted or even completely cannibalized.

I even got a Squat in there.,, my very first.



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Terrain: Sewers 001

Remember this from a couple weeks ago? Well most of it is still there but in different shapes. I've been at it with a big knife forming interesting sewer-ish shapes.

Here's the first one just about ready for some paint. I've used some scrap wire to make the cables attached to the wall, and flexi-straws to make the pipes. ½" metal cloth mesh I scavenged from somewhere or other is what I used for the guard rail, and thin card on the back side. This piece will sit on a 24" tile, one of the corners. All styrofoam pieces on the edges will be clad in cardboard to help protect it. The ladder is from the Cities of Death extras frame.

I don't plan an overly complicated sewer, and hopefully this will help me to finish this project in a timely manner... yeah right.



Wednesday, May 10, 2017

30k: Iron Warriors 002

Finally have some more progress to share on my Horus Heresy Iron Warriors.

The first 15 models have been basecoated with Rustoleum Titanium Silver spray. These should prove rather simple to get painted up once I get the hazard chevrons done. I really want to get some painting done on these models this weekend.