Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Workbench Update

This weekend finds me with a terrible need to organize. The Land of Unfinished Projects is full of unrest since its packed to bursting.

So I headed to the store and picked up a cheap shelf and some Rubbermade leftover bins. These are great and I've been using them for bits and projects for a couple years. If you decide to use these then go get new ones and don't loot em from the kitchen it helps for peace and happiness in the household.

I promise.

Creatively positioned bins to imply progress.
And there we go! Some of my mess is more contained. I've got plenty of room on these shelves to actually corral my ever expanding selection of bits for modelling and terrain construction. The leftover bins will be great for keeping projects together when I'm not working on them. Protip: sharpie wipes off these bins with a bit of alcohol on a tissue or whatever, so don't be afraid to write on them,

Everything else is on hold while I get this under control.



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