Saturday, May 19, 2012

WIP Greenskins

Getting some work done on the AoBR Orks lately.  The Deffkoptas' rotors have all been converted to triple bladed models, and initial paint begun.  One 'kopta has been cleaned up and is also in the initial paint stages, as seen below.  I've also begun crafting the 'kustom choppas' that will be wielded by the Boss Nob.

These are the Boyz...

All these models are based with some terrible spray enamel, hence the white colour.  The green is also from the previous owner.  I use Testor's ModelMaster Acryl flat black as a base over this, and it works wonders in the operation of turning this from a surface that GW paint rubs off of quite readily to one that will endure the rigors of transport and gaming.

Also this week, I made a run over to the FLGS to pick up some Citadel Dead Grass.  When I arrived, much to my surprise and glee, they have three pots of Shadow Grey still in stock.  The main colour in my Imperial Guard army is Shadow Grey, and GW's recommended replacement, The Fang, isn't even close.  So I snagged those pots as well as a Codex Grey and Camo Green.  I'll worry about replacements once I am no longer able to find them on Amazon and feeBay.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

So I'm Thinking Green...

'da boyz has invaded de shed!
I've got a batch of AoBR orks that I plan to paint up and sell. These babies need some time in the Mekshop as well as the Painboyz tent.  Two Nobz need arms, as does one Boy.  One of the Deffkoptas rotors is snapped off, so I'm going to improvise a trirotor. The other blade is going to be a Nob 'uge choppa with slugga.  He'll also get a bionik army with choppa. Counts as power klaw?

Anyways, pics forth coming as the project progresses.  Tomorrow I go break concrete for fun and profit.