Sunday, October 30, 2016


I got behind and this project just got away from me. So I'll finish it up but no where near in time for the final showcase. Ah, there's always next year.

Work has picked up and I'll have less hobby time for the next few weeks, which means I'll have to use it productively. I'll see about getting paint on some of these minis I've assembled over the summer. While working on the Deathwatch projects and the Inquisitor Kill Team I found a little painting every day goes a long way overall.

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Truescale Chainsword

For the 100th episode of Man at Arms the guys at Baltimore Knife & Sword Co. built a fully functional chainsword.

...I really want to slap the welder who keeps calling it a chainsaw sword.

Coming soon: Dreadtober progress update!



Friday, October 7, 2016

DREADTOBER 002: Building?

So I'm calling it now, this Castellax is a recast. The multicolour resin is the giveaway. I got it in trade, and some other models. I have no regrets. I'm not actively buying recasts or advocating it. But from eBay or the internet, well, you get what you get.

This model is in rough shape, so I've set about to remedy that. I did a little deconstruction work.

I'll do some filing, trimming, and greenstuff work to this model before I pin it back together and get it based.

Speaking of, I decided on a basic layout for the ZM board and the Mechanicum teams bases. I'll use thin card over plastic canvas, and use dressmakers pins for rivets.

I'm going to get Humpty Dumpty put back together.



Sunday, October 2, 2016

DREADTOBER 001: Planning Phase

I'm excited to take part in Dreadtober 2016!

I'm wrapping I've wrapped up my Deathwatch Contemptor for the September challenge. Now is the ideal time to begin planning my DREADTOBER entry.

I got a Castellax and some Thallax models on a trade last summer. They need a little love, but that's okay. In fact it makes that Castellax a perfect project for DREADTOBER. I know I want to build up a small Mechanicum force for Zone Mortalis, so finishing this model will give me some more motivation to get the rest of them done sooner rather than later. And the pile of grey shame shrinks a little.

Since this model is already assembled I need to clean it up a bit, and more importantly I want to base it for a ZM board. So I need suggestions for cool ZM style industrial floors that I can simply reproduce not only on these models but on four square feet of board.

That's my plan. If anyone has any suggestions for floors and basing please let me know with a comment.



Saturday, October 1, 2016

Deathwatch 008: Contemptor Ucuetis Complete

My Deathwatch Contemptor for the September Hobby Challenge is complete!

I decided to name the Iron Hands veteran interred within this weapon of the Emperor's fury Ucuetis. I googled forge god names and decided I liked this one.

Sculpting the arm was challenging, I've said before. Taking it on was what this month was all about, and I'm happy to have been up to it.

Here are all my completed Deathwatch minis so far. Once I get Kill Team Cassius painted, I'll start in on the minis from Death Masque.

Next up for me though is DREADTOBER!