Sunday, October 2, 2016

DREADTOBER 001: Planning Phase

I'm excited to take part in Dreadtober 2016!

I'm wrapping I've wrapped up my Deathwatch Contemptor for the September challenge. Now is the ideal time to begin planning my DREADTOBER entry.

I got a Castellax and some Thallax models on a trade last summer. They need a little love, but that's okay. In fact it makes that Castellax a perfect project for DREADTOBER. I know I want to build up a small Mechanicum force for Zone Mortalis, so finishing this model will give me some more motivation to get the rest of them done sooner rather than later. And the pile of grey shame shrinks a little.

Since this model is already assembled I need to clean it up a bit, and more importantly I want to base it for a ZM board. So I need suggestions for cool ZM style industrial floors that I can simply reproduce not only on these models but on four square feet of board.

That's my plan. If anyone has any suggestions for floors and basing please let me know with a comment.



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