Saturday, May 30, 2015

Paint Table Saturday

First up is this Skitarii. I have his backpack and base to finish for the model to be 'done' and then the freehand designs on the robe to be really done.

Then there is this guy who is still very much WIP. I'm painting him using my newly made wet palette along the way. I've read every wet palette how to and while most of em are tutorials on making a wet palette, there are a few articles on the care and feeding of the wet palette as well. I'll post my own entry on the subject soon enough I imagine.

In my paint queue sits the rest of the Inquisitor's war band. Now that I have the wet palette I'm going to try and paint more steadily. We'll see how that works out in practice.



Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ordo Mechanicus 003

Quick  update here. The first Skitarii is nearly done with paint. Looking at him now I realize I missed some gold trim. The 3rd ed Stormtrooper in the back has a suppressor clipped from one of the Space Marine Scouts that got converted to a command unit of Scions/Henchmen. This guy will be another Henchman; a mercenary I think. He might count as an assassin sometimes.

Anyway, I plan to paint him tomorrow using the wet palette. I'm not trying any tricks yet, just learning how to use it. I promise results soon.



Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hobby: Wet Palette

I decided I wanted to try using a wet palette since this wasn't really doing it for me anymore. So on my latest trip out for supplies I earmarked a tenner for this project.

I picked up a roll of parchment paper ($3.50), some left over bins ($2.98), and some basic sponges ($1.30) needed for the project. Snow-monster helps open the sponges... and every other packet of anything with seals like that.

I cut two sponges to fit comfortably in the left overs bin. Then I cut a piece of parchment paper off and trimmed it down so it covered the sponges nicely.

Just add water and the end result is a palette that ought to keep my paints at ready when I need to pause the action.

Now I get to figure out how exactly this thing works.



Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ordo Mechanicus 002

Just a quick update on these models today. Liquid greenstuff has been applied and subsequently filed down on all the Skitarii robes. Inquisitorial sigils have been added to the couple winged skulls from the Scions kit... I thought that they would make likely enough locations to add the =I= since most of the work was done for me. Work smarter, not harder, kids. Fifteen years or so ago I would have been trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak working out how to get a good icon on there. I also began work sculpting the missing detail from the Skitarii legs I'm using on the plasma caviler. One leg is done-ish, the other is yet to be started.

Finally one of the stock Skitarii has found its way to my paint queue. I'm going with a Stygies VIII paint pattern for the model.

These guys are great to work on so stay tuned for updated progress.

Cheers until then!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ordo Mechanicus 001

Got a couple of kits to make an Adeptus Mechanicus flavored Inquisitor's forces. Since I've got a solid Inquisitor in not-Coteaz already, I figured I'd start with some henchmen flavored models.

And then I realized...

And then I realized I don't care.

This guy is an interrogator level aspirant to the ordos. Hand and head swaps, along with clipping the antenna and scanner from the armor make for a simple conversion here.

Another interrogator level character. Scion legs under a skitarii torso, with the scions powerfist and bolt pistol arms, and head. The legs took some trimming to fit in there, and I ended up snipping one off and replacing it with a skitarii bionic.

That leg from the last guy? Yeah, took it from here. and replaced it with another boot from the scion sprue. A scions torso and head provides the core for the plasma caliver armed henchman. This guy is going to take the most work to build the parts of the skitarii legs that are normally hidden under the robe.

Three henchmen armed with galvanic rifles. The first is the only conversion among them, just a head swap. I figure that the Ordo Mechanicus must source at least some of their *cough* redshirts *cough* from the ranks of the skitarii.

So the basic assembly is done. Now they're ready for greenstuff and more kit. I also have at least nine more models to produce from what is left of creating these guys. I think a 5 man team of straight skitarii armed with radium carbines will be on the list, maybe a couple more interrogators... I want to get a box of the Sicarians since they include some excellent components. I did pick up Codex: Skitarii, and plan to grab Codex: Cult Mechanicus too, but don't know if I'm going to go at another army right now.

Meh, I'll figure out what I'm doing soon enough. I really want to find some people to play some Inquisimunda with.

Until I figure it out, stay tuned.



Saturday, May 23, 2015

Paint Table Saturday

Not much painting going on this past week, just a bit of assembly. I've been thinking of the Abhuman project kind of like a fulcrum for a whole bunch of other bits of fluff. I've started in on some of that, and above is a peek.

In paint related news, I decided to pick up some GW pots. The Drakenhof Nightshade and Nuln Oil are for Commissar coats. The green and blue glaze I want to use on some of the [redacted] I have planned, and the Runefang Steel for the same,



Monday, May 18, 2015

Breaking! MRM Commissar!

Get over to Mad Robot Miniatures and get reinforced!

I love Commissars. The brutality they add to the grimdark of 40k is unmistakable. I used to have a fair selection of Commissars, and I'm working it back up again. I've recently added the power sword power fist Commissar and the power axe Commissar to my collection and I think that brings me up to eight if I am counting right,.. I expect Steve's new kit to add a couple more to my ranks soon enough.



Friday, May 15, 2015

Terrain: Mek Workshop 001

With the Abhuman Ork army well underway I decided it was time to get to work on some appropriate terrain for them to be set against. Given my theme what better place to start than a Mek's workshop? Starting with my compass and a piece of foamcore, I traced the arc of the building. I settled on a 3" radius, and gave the workshop a 6"x7" footprint. The foamcore was joined to the one ply corrugated card with gel superglue and pins.

With a bit of work tonight, the workshop is about three fourths of the way complete. The pictures above show the progress. All the patches are pieces of thin card or coffee cup insulator card from the Sev. All the rivets are straight pins. The pallets are just in place to give an indication of what I have planned, and will be left free for paint. Still to be completed is the front, especially the doors, then basing and paint.



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Abhuman Technoheresy: Warkopta 001

Using the Dred Mob list, I have the barest bones of an HQ unit and two troop units. The ten Spanna Boyz aren't going to get very far without some wheels though... or lift in this case.

From a pile of Deff Kopta bits comes the powerplant for this transport. I saved all the other pieces of the torn up Koptas so that they may be repurposed toward more mad creations.

It's not a speedboat. And after looking at Forgeworld's version, I decided that it needed to be a bit longer than I originally intended and then longer still. The idea is that this was the remains of either a downed Valkyrie or Arvus before the 'Mek' got tinkering. I've got a lot of work ahead of me to get this thing to look how I want it to.



Saturday, May 9, 2015

Abhuman Technoheresy: Deff Dread 002

The Deff Dread is done.

This guy got a coat of black followed by a coat of Brown Iron Oxide all over everything. After that the parts that were to be painted with metallic were blocked out in black once again. Then all the components of the model got a heavy drybrush of Gunmetal Metal. All the joints were given a drybrush of Chainmain on top that, then a coat of black wash. Once that dried I went back at the model with another drybrush of GMM, followed by random spots of Chainmail. Following the drybrushing I added 'rust' wash in a few spots and let it dry, then gave the model an all over wash with Agrax Earthshade and let it dry. After that I did a spot application of 'mud' wash, mostly the bottom of the feet.

The areas that were left black got painted with a layer of GMM and then highlighted with Chainmail. On the cables, ammo drum, and ammo chute I just washed the area black and then a drybrush layer of GMM. The pistons on the arms and legs got a spot application of Agrax Earthshade, 'mud' wash and black wash to simulate wear. Finally I added chipped paint to the ammo drum and parts of the Dread proper. On the ammo can this was achieved by stippling on Tausept Ochre followed by Golden Yellow and a coat of black wash. On the gunshield and other areas, I stippled on Knarloc Green followed by Camo Green and then coated with 'mud' wash.

As with the so called Big Mek and Boyz mob I left off glyphs for the time being, until I decide overall what I want.