Friday, May 15, 2015

Terrain: Mek Workshop 001

With the Abhuman Ork army well underway I decided it was time to get to work on some appropriate terrain for them to be set against. Given my theme what better place to start than a Mek's workshop? Starting with my compass and a piece of foamcore, I traced the arc of the building. I settled on a 3" radius, and gave the workshop a 6"x7" footprint. The foamcore was joined to the one ply corrugated card with gel superglue and pins.

With a bit of work tonight, the workshop is about three fourths of the way complete. The pictures above show the progress. All the patches are pieces of thin card or coffee cup insulator card from the Sev. All the rivets are straight pins. The pallets are just in place to give an indication of what I have planned, and will be left free for paint. Still to be completed is the front, especially the doors, then basing and paint.




  1. Awesome CJ. Always amazed at what everyone comes up with when making awesome terrain bits!

    1. Cheers, man. I've been cracking away at making doors, they're almost done. After that its basing and paint.