Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hobby: Wet Palette

I decided I wanted to try using a wet palette since this wasn't really doing it for me anymore. So on my latest trip out for supplies I earmarked a tenner for this project.

I picked up a roll of parchment paper ($3.50), some left over bins ($2.98), and some basic sponges ($1.30) needed for the project. Snow-monster helps open the sponges... and every other packet of anything with seals like that.

I cut two sponges to fit comfortably in the left overs bin. Then I cut a piece of parchment paper off and trimmed it down so it covered the sponges nicely.

Just add water and the end result is a palette that ought to keep my paints at ready when I need to pause the action.

Now I get to figure out how exactly this thing works.




  1. I await you figuring out how it works with bated I'm still figuring it out :)

    1. I'll be experimenting with it tonight I think.