Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ordo Mechanicus 001

Got a couple of kits to make an Adeptus Mechanicus flavored Inquisitor's forces. Since I've got a solid Inquisitor in not-Coteaz already, I figured I'd start with some henchmen flavored models.

And then I realized...

And then I realized I don't care.

This guy is an interrogator level aspirant to the ordos. Hand and head swaps, along with clipping the antenna and scanner from the armor make for a simple conversion here.

Another interrogator level character. Scion legs under a skitarii torso, with the scions powerfist and bolt pistol arms, and head. The legs took some trimming to fit in there, and I ended up snipping one off and replacing it with a skitarii bionic.

That leg from the last guy? Yeah, took it from here. and replaced it with another boot from the scion sprue. A scions torso and head provides the core for the plasma caliver armed henchman. This guy is going to take the most work to build the parts of the skitarii legs that are normally hidden under the robe.

Three henchmen armed with galvanic rifles. The first is the only conversion among them, just a head swap. I figure that the Ordo Mechanicus must source at least some of their *cough* redshirts *cough* from the ranks of the skitarii.

So the basic assembly is done. Now they're ready for greenstuff and more kit. I also have at least nine more models to produce from what is left of creating these guys. I think a 5 man team of straight skitarii armed with radium carbines will be on the list, maybe a couple more interrogators... I want to get a box of the Sicarians since they include some excellent components. I did pick up Codex: Skitarii, and plan to grab Codex: Cult Mechanicus too, but don't know if I'm going to go at another army right now.

Meh, I'll figure out what I'm doing soon enough. I really want to find some people to play some Inquisimunda with.

Until I figure it out, stay tuned.




  1. Damn, I'd been able to resist picking up some Skitarii but you're making it really hard!

    1. Heh that is exactly how I felt right up until I got the box xD

  2. Very nicely done, I have been neglecting my INQ force this past week because of the purchase of a the Witcher 3. But soon I will get back to the what's really important.

    1. What rules does one usually use for Inquisimunda stuff? Like I said above, I've no idea what I'm doing.

    2. Depends on what you want to accomplish with the game. You can always down load some of the old Inquisitor rules or play some thing like pulp ally to represent your Inquisitor Cell. Or play using the Necromunda rules, or in the Emperors name.

      I don't remember if your on the Ammo bunker but here is some good inspiration.

  3. I just love these models. Great work CJ.

    I keep hoping there is going to be a new inquisition codex, and possibly an ecclesiarchy codex as well. (I think sisters will disappear as a codex, but we'll get a church one that includes them as the militant arm)

    1. It'll be worth it if we do. Space Marines and Knights got pretty quick releases for their updates.