Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Terrain: Corrugated Metal Fence 001

In the giant box of win I got from The Benefactor, there was some one sided cardboard. When I saw it as I opened the box I immediately decided to replicate some terrain I had originally produced in 2008 (I think): corrugated metal fence. I love the look of it and I wanted to do a few lengths to go with the Imperial Excavator.

I began by cutting a few bamboo skewers into a bunch of fence posts. Then I cut some strips of MDF to make bases from. I drilled holes to mount the posts. I then split each post and added a small bamboo wedge. After that I forced the bases to the ends of the posts, trimmed the excess, and sealed the whole works together with thin superglue. Here are the three sections I've got knocked together so far. Commissar for scale.

The next step was to cut the one-sided cardboard into the right height and peeled off the flat side. The leftover bits of glue and fibers were scraped off with a #11 stencil knife blade. Before I assembled any sections of 'metal' to the fence posts I set about building the gate. Just more bits of skewer and then some of the odd bits of corrugated card left from the longer sections.

I decided to keep the gate freely swinging for skirmish games or (hopefully) Inq28 games.

I'm going to wait to base these stands until I decide exactly what I'm going to do with the aforementioned Imperial Excavator terrain.

Until then, cheers.



  1. Sometimes I wonder if you sleep CJ.

    That is such a wicked awesome fence concept and execution!

    1. ...not much it seems like.

      Thanks for the complement, Greg!