Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ordo Mechanicus 002

Just a quick update on these models today. Liquid greenstuff has been applied and subsequently filed down on all the Skitarii robes. Inquisitorial sigils have been added to the couple winged skulls from the Scions kit... I thought that they would make likely enough locations to add the =I= since most of the work was done for me. Work smarter, not harder, kids. Fifteen years or so ago I would have been trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak working out how to get a good icon on there. I also began work sculpting the missing detail from the Skitarii legs I'm using on the plasma caviler. One leg is done-ish, the other is yet to be started.

Finally one of the stock Skitarii has found its way to my paint queue. I'm going with a Stygies VIII paint pattern for the model.

These guys are great to work on so stay tuned for updated progress.

Cheers until then!


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