Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus 003

I finally got the servo-arms settled for the first squad of Techmarines. Now that they are complete, I am able to move on to painting them. I started with a basecoat of Testors Flat Black, and then a coat of Mechrite Red.

Once that dried I applied a drybrush of Red Gore, then Blood Red, and topped it off with a wash of Devlan Mud.

After the Devlan Mud dried, I went back with the drybrush and added a layer of Blood Red, followed by Blazing Orange, and another wash; this time it was Baal Red.

Once the red was completed, I painted all the metallic bits with Gunmetal Metal, and then gave them a wash of black.

They really look like Word Bearers at first glance (to me, anyway), and make me want to get moving on a CSM army (again).

C&C welcome,


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus 002

I've been working on my Space Marine allies lately, making bases and constructing servo-arms.  I've also been getting my Contemptor ready for paint.

First, I finished the task of magnetizing the close combat arm.  Then I added cog tooth embellishments to the shoulders using .030x.060 sheet styrene.  I plan to add the same detail to the knee pads.

I've also put together a bunch of servo-arms.  With each one I build, the next becomes easier and a bit more ambitious.  I'm working hard at making sure they have that Mechanicus feel, as well as not being too oversized for the models.  I use a selection of sheet styrene from Evergreen that includes .030x.060, .060x.120, .0625dia rod, .125dia tube, and .1875dia rod.  The power cables are made in my usual fashion, wrapping floral wire.

Some of my sergeants will have a full servo harness.  I've since completed this one, stay tuned for the finished product.

Remember this base?  I really liked it at the time when I produced it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it wouldn't fit with my other bases I've been building for this force...
...so I had to make a new one.
Much better.  I'll keep the old one for a Heavy Weapon Team or a Sentinel.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tidying Up the Imperial Guard

Here is my Imperial Guard force.  Tidying them up involves finishing units, finishing the little details, and basing the force coherently.  Laying everything out like this lets me see what I need to complete.

Basing is one of the things that can make or break an otherwise well painted army.  We've all seen it: some one in the FLGS with an army that has been growing for years, and the bases show the evolution of their vision.  Hell, even I did it with my first Space Marine army.

With my Imperial Guard force, I decided on urban style bases, as showcased in the Azog Treadbike project.  My army has been mostly painted and for a while, but some models still needed their bases finished.  The bases I'm using include some Epicast bases and some custom bases I produced.  The rest just get the usual treatment of sand and dead grass.

From the above blob, I separated these models out as needing completion in some form or another.  For now I'm concentrating on the bases.  Most of the models just needed a daub of glue and a bit of static grass.  These immediately above needed a bit more work... not including the wholly unpainted command section there.

I started by using PVA glue to attach sand to all the bases that needed it.  Then I waited for it to dry and did some work on my Storm Troopers.  Once the bases were ready ready for paint, I quickly added their first layers of flat black, then codex grey, and a wash of black.  Then back to the Storm Troopers until that dried.  Once the wash dried, the bases were drybrushed with codex grey, fortress grey, and finally kommndo khaki.  They were finished up with static grass.

Here is most of the lot.  I'll have to post a picture of the army in rank and file.  I'm thinking of picking up a Sack o' Skulls from Secret Weapon Miniatures and sprinkling them out across the bases for some more colour.

Here are the bases I plan to use for my Mechanicus Marine force.  I plan to pour a mould and make casts of these.  I'll make sure to post the results.