Saturday, September 2, 2017

Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis

I got one! I've been too busy lately to do anything but snipe new toys so no photos of anything to share. I've not even had time to look into a photo solution yet. I found a deal on an unpainted Realm of Battle and jumped on it... why not? I've wanted a single tile to do an Armies on Parade style display board but no luck so far so...

Anyway I got a layer of primer on two of the six sections so far, and paint is coming soon. I'm debating whether or not to modify any of the boards. Right now storage won't be too bad; I can keep em in the original sleeves and in the original box.

Idle hands and all that so having plenty of work is definitely a good thing. I've also gotten a few of the Sector Mechanicus terrain kits so far and I am really really excited about the Necromunda announcement. I hope to spend quite a bit of this winter building and painting my underhive.