Thursday, August 30, 2012


I took a commission to paint a lot of zombies from the guy that bought the AoBR Greenskins.  I've finished the first lot of fifty.  Here are some shots of the progress thus far.
The first thirty zombies get a basecoat.
The final lot of 20 after drybrushing.
The first and second lot of this batch.  Basing still needs to be finished on 34 of the 50 zombies.
The first batch of 50 zombies, all together.  This is one of a few zombie hordes this patron has planned for his army, all using the Kings of War Undead figures from Mantic Games.  For anyone who hasn't gotten a first hand look at these yet... they're just great.  Clean tooling on the molds, crisp detail on the figs.  The assembly is just slightly more difficult than the AoBR starter; but only because the GW figs have pegs to hold them together.  The sprues come packed with gubbins to boot.

In other news, this gem was acquired gratis, courtesy of the neighbors putting it out on the curb...
As soon as one of my housemates saw it, I rounded up my brother and we were out the door, barefoot, to fetch this beast from across the street.  I dunno why on Terra the neighbors decided this had to go, but a big THANK YOU! from Productive Thinking Industries for you.  The desk is not one of those cheap particle board constructs from Walmart, either; this bugger is SOLID.
...and here it is after being populated.  Its going to be nice to have dedicated project space again.

In the pipeline are some KoW Skeletons, more progress on my Stormtroopers, and the beginnings of a Space Marine allied contingent, 'counts as' Adeptus Mechanicus.


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