Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Deathwatch Challenge

So I was bouncing around out in the 40k blogosphere, and hit up Excommunicate Tratoris's post about the Badab Deathwatch Project.  'Pretty cool,' I thought, following the links from his neck of the net to the source of the competition: TFP: The Badab Project.

These guys are running an awesome conpetition where you can throw your hat into a mini conversion/panting contest with the bonus of being able to donate the model to a group squad that will then go up for charity.  I don't know yet what charity it will be, and will find out and let you all know.  The charity is for the Marie Curie Cure for Cancer.  Competitions are always a great way to get the creativeness flowing.  I love this one especially since it makes use of one of my favorite aspects of 40k, the Deathwatch.

Stay tuned for updates.


1 comment:

  1. Its for Marie Curie Cure for Cancer. A charity close to my heart after cancer claimed my father 11 years ago this month. Thanks for the shout out and look forward to your entry.