Thursday, September 20, 2012

Games Workshop's (relatively) New Paints

...or more specifically, the pots they come in.

I have a small bitch about this, and that is that all, and I mean ALL of the new paint ought to have come in the new pots with the stupid security features/ I don't even know what to call the stupid tab in the back that I had to cut half off of the Caledor Sky pot...

The pots are a mix of the '06 pots for the regular paints which suck; and the '12 pots, which suck worse.  I nearly tore my nail off when my thumb slipped while trying to open the damn thing.  The problem isn't the stupid tabs or the security things, its the lack of consistency.  If every new pot I opened had the things to contend with, then I may not have forgotten so soon.  But since the relaunched paints have come around, the Caledor Sky and the Liquid Green Stuff have been the only ones with these new features.  I'd like to cast my vote for a return of the '03 pots, the black flip lids/twist offs.  These were so bloody amazing...
Ah, well.  May as well wish for dropper pots, like nearly all the other decent paint comes in.

Okay, now that the ranting is done, how do I feel about the new paints themselves?  Well, as stated in a previous blog post, the recommended replacement for Shadow Grey is The Fang, and its not even close.  But that is to be expected in a new formulation of paints.  As for the important parts, these paints cover well. The Base and Layer paints both seem to go on smoother than the old Foundation paints and layer colours.  The texture may be worth it for some people.  That really depends on your basing style.  The only issue I have with them is that there doesn't seem to be much mileage in the small pots of texture paint, especially since the paint wants to dry around the texture in the mouth of the pot.  The Drybrush Medium, Washes, and Glazes I haven't tried yet.  Maybe for Crimbo, I'll get one of these...


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