Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tech Marine Sergeant

I present the first figure of my Allies Contingent, Brother Magos Rickard.  The base of the figure is the Tech Marine that came with the 3rd ed Command Squad box.  I removed the arm that held the signature cog toothed axe, and added the chainblade arm from the Mechanical Implants and Weapons pack.  The cog axe was saved for another project, of course.  Here is a picture of this guy while getting painted.  I must beg forgiveness in advance, right now the only available camera is a cell phone camera.
The model got a base coat of Mechrite Red, followed by a coat of Devlin Mud wash.  Once dry, a heavy drybrush of Blood Red was applied, followed by a coat of Baal Red wash.  I should mention that I cut all my washes with a few drops of Future floor wax, which you can learn all about here.  It really is amazing.
The reverse side.  The next step was to pick out all the metallic detail that I wanted with Chainmail, and then that washed with black ink, and drybrushed with Mithril Silver.  The select bits of gold on the figure were first painted with Scorched Brown, then Burnished Gold with a wash of Delvan Mud.  The highlight was applied with Shining Gold.  The exposed cabled were then pained with Kommando Khaki, and washed with Delvan Mud.  The skin of the face was last.  While I got close to what I wanted, its not quite there.  I based the area with Kommando Khaki, then washed it with Baal Red.  I then drybrushed the area with a 1:1 Kommando Khaki to Rotting Flesh.  Finally, the eye and mouth were given a dash of Delvan Mud.  That wash seems to have been the star here...

Here is the completed figure.  Brother Magos Rickard, armed with a bolt pistol and a chainsword.  Soon to be added is his Servo Arm.  He will lead a Tactical Squad.  I will be adding some different Heavy Support options to this group, mostly since the conversion possibilities are so broad.  I have some plans for heavy combat servitors that count as Terminators.


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