Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Inquisimunda: Van Saar Mercenaries

I have fond memories of picking up some Van Saar from eBay to flesh out a Hive Gang Militia unit for my Steel Legion army many, many moons ago. These guys came painted up in the standard Van Saar green and really contrasted well with the other hivers I had thrown together by mixing Catachans and Empire Militia. Sadly, those models are all long gone.

With the rumored return of Necromunda and the looming release of Shadow War Armageddon I decided to put together another Van Saar gang. I thought about picking up some first or second edition GW models and instead picked up some Vanderbilt Fighters from Mad Robot Miniatures. These resin minis capture the feel of the original gang perfectly in my humble opinion.

The Mad Robot kit included six adults and four youth. In the narrative I'm building my mercenaries are Mechanicus aligned. In that vein I armed my juves with Flechette Blasters and one of my gangers with a Radium Carbine. If I ever get to a game of Necromunda they'll count as more mundane weapons that look cool. For the Inq28 games I have planned (someday...) these guys will be armed exactly as they look.

The weather has been unseasonably nice these past couple weeks so I got some painting done. After a primer coat of Testors flat black acrylic I gave the models a coat of Orkhide Shade, then a coat of Snot Green, and finally a wash of Thraka Green. I haven't gotten any more done at the time I get this posted, but I do have a plan.




  1. Very Fremen https://dunequotes.tumblr.com/image/132771273872

  2. Very cool. How do the figs look next to regular 40k figs?

  3. Those look great - awesome alternate Van Saars!

  4. Cheers gents!

    @Phil Curran that's what the Mad Robot was going for XD

    @commissarmoody I'll get a proper comparison shot up soon

    @Mordian7th Thanks man!