Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Armour in April Final Roundup

It's been a very productive month of April for me. I got a lot of work done across a variety of projects. Unfortunately not all of them were hulls for #armourinapril.

The two Leman Russ tanks are ready for the final detailing pass. The Salamander Scout is waiting on the crew to be finished, and the Thunderer is waiting for me to finish the dozer blade as well as a few other details.

In other Armour in April news, I managed to secure seven more hulls in trade right at the end of the month, along with quite a few extra heavy weapons. Five Chimeras, a Wyvern, and a Hellhound will add a little something something to my expanding motor pool.

Finally, Cylde Ar of Mastodóntica got in touch to share his absolutely beautiful Wave Serpents he knocked out during the month. Google probably butchered the translation when I went to check it out but it seems like he also got a Fire Prism and some Shining Spears done. Great work!

Thanks to everyone who joined in to get some armour done this month!




  1. Good job. Wish to see all those tanks together.

    On the other hand i painted three Serpents, the third one, in fact was the first, was lend to a friend, so no good pictures, one fire prism, nine converted shining spears, no pictures, a farseer and an ork i did not show in my post. A good month as well.
    Thank you for sharing