Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back in the Saddle

First up, hobby boon. I helped clear a load of unwanted craft materials for a friend of mine (and so I could have the room), and as a result I got to sort what I wanted to keep out of the pile. The rest went to good crafty homes, not the dump. Among the pile were about 90 bottles of acrylic craft paint, half or so metallic, a 20oz bottle each of black and white, three 8oz white bottles and one black, a gallon of wood glue, a 3'x8' roll of cork, literally a pound of popsicle sticks, pliers, wire cutters, a cutting mat, a paper cutting thing for scrap booking, and a bunch of clear plastic bins (so I can move my terrain supplies out of empty beer boxes). All perfect for terrain.

Second, while sorting out my mess I found a shotgun toting Scout. He looks ripe for conversion.



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