Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good Guy Amazon

So a month or two ago I saw the post on Naftka about the 17$ W&N paintbrush set. I ordered and then cancelled when I saw it was a 4 month wait and furthermore that W&N quality has slid since moving to China. Silly me I didn't remember to cancel the Prime membership I had signed up for with said order.

Today I check my balance and its 99$ low... PRIME!

So I panic a little and call Amazon customer service and the first option is a to cancel Prime. Security confirmation done, push to cancel and get full refund. And just like that I have a email telling me about my full refund.

Thanks, Amazon.




  1. Just as well. AFAIK, they ended up cancelling and refunding ALL those $17 W&N set orders. I got a cancellation email the other day. Prices are now where you'd expect them. My guess is the whole thing was a mistake, not a "Cheap because China" deal.

    1. I saw that yesterday as well. I knew it was too good to be true.