Saturday, April 16, 2016


So... when exactly does the weekend of the 16th - 17th start?


The FLGS only got five in, they presold out before I even had a chance.


I call another FLGS and ask if they even got any of the model, nope.

f5 f5 f5

So eventually this page 404'd and you had to go click through the site again to grab the mini. It went on sale at 1100 locally, and was sold out by 1600. I was there in time to get one of these added to my cart... and that's when a curious thing happened. I clicked on ship to store to see what if any options there were for me, and to my surprise I find there is a Warhammer store here in Utah now. Ship to store? store?

So I did, and the fine shop keeper assured me that he hadn't sold out. I had him set one aside for me and flew off to grab it.

I even remembered to get some pictures of my pilgrimage.

There are two tables and the demo area. Lots of product, selection of Black Library novels, no Forge World and according to the shop keep no ship to store for FW orders either. Today they were running a create and paint your own new chapter event. BYO paints and GW provided the marines.

Participation got you a print and a button. I didn't see the buttons but the prints were the above and a great Nurgle cult marine one. I asked for a take away marine to paint at home and a print, and got each. The marine I'll paint up in the colours I used on my original Space Marine army.

And finally, I got what I set out for in the first place.

And I was able to confirm a that a bit of the Rogue Trader era lore made the cut for Index Astartes: Apocrypha...
The game we play now is a hell of a far cry from where it started.

181½ pts? What the actual fuck.

Until next time.


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