Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Storage From Scraps

A few months ago I started thinking of solutions to having my models just sitting about, as well as how I might get them from here to there in the event I ever get a game in. I considered the usual suspects like Army Transport and Battlefoam, and decided I wanted a solution at a much lower cost. I've mentioned before I work in a sign shop and occasionally get a hold of things to use for terrain. When I had a solid idea of what I wanted to accomplish, I went to my boss and asked him if I could use some scrap materials. He acquiesced to my request and was just about as surprised as I was with what I turned out.

Gloss black .040 aluminium cut and bent to shape to hold panels of Dibond composite board along with anodized black aluminium rivets (steel for the hinges). This case is my prototype and proof of concept to secure more scraps from the boss. I'd like to add feet or whatever they're called to the corners; the bare metal is apt to scrape. A handle and latch is also in order.

I built the first box here to house my Imperial Knights; specifically four knight bases in fairly snug fashion. I'll add another piece of Dibond with oval cut outs for the bases to sit in. The box is 20" x 8" x 9". To give a sense of how much room there is I included a Naval Armsman and a Leman Russ. I'd posit that I could fit both platoons of Guardsmen as well as my Scions comfortably. Depending on the height of storage platforms I could probably fit 15 Leman Russ hulls or the like.

Now that I've got the one done I want to build a second that folds open in the front as well as the top. I could make it into a maintenance hanger display transport. Another thing I want to try my hand at is acrylic display cases such as the ones sports memorabilia are housed in. I've got access to all the materials and tools...

Anyone need a box?




  1. Very cool and a great idea for reusing the scrap (boss allowing).

    How are you planning on keeping the models secure during transport?