Thursday, June 21, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Do people go in for gimmick-y blog titles?  Eh either way here is Throwback Thursday, the first regular feature of Into the Void.  In these segments, I'll showcase some of my old work.  The thing about most of this stuff is that its now lost in the aether.

Adeptus Arbities (Necromunda)
At one point the group I gamed with took up gang war in the depths of the underhive.  We all got different gangs, put em together, poured over PDF copies of the rules, then met to play for a few weeks.  It was great and got me interested in the Inq28 movement, but alas... no one seems interested.

I chose Arbities since no one else had and I had all the bitz on hand to generate a nice ten man unit.  I had everything but the elusive cybermastiff.

Here you see my Sergeant and Cybermastiff handler.  The heads, torsos, and legs are all Cadian Shock Troops, while the arms are from the SM Scouts kit.  I seem to remember having high hopes for all the bases, custom cast things had been in the works but never got themselves around to being finished.
The rules gave the combat shield/power maul combo, which I loved just for the modelling options.  I had a few of these old Rhino hatches in a bitz box and had always wanted an excuse for some guys with awesome riot shields.  The power maul is what gave me the most trouble, though, since I had no idea what to use for a guardsman size power weapon... that looks like a maul.  I solved this while thinking about another project when I took a look at the voxcaster antenna.  Clip it off, turn it upside down, and done.  That left handed enforcer uses a Cadian arm, the rest were all Scout arms I believe.
Four men with shotguns, added the shells in slings with some simple green stuff work.  These all follow the formula of Cadian core and SM Scout arms.  If the pouches from the Scout sprue worked, I used them as well.
The 'Heavies' equipped with heavy stubber and plasmagunner.  The stubber is from the IG tank accessory sprue, and the plasmagun from the SM Troops box.  Arms on the stubber are the SM Scout Heavy Bolter arms, and the rounds on the backpack are GS.  The plasmagunner is all Cadian except for the feed hose, which is floral wire wrapped.

All the heads have GS breathmasks to represent the benefits accorded by the awesome Arbites helmets.  I gave all the squad members the barcode transfer and unit marking from the Cadian transfer sheet.  I wanted them to be faceless, just a number in the cogworks of the Administratum.

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