Friday, March 15, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus 001

My 'counts as' Space Marines force is coming together now, with the bitz I needed finally arriving.  Right now the list stand as follows:
  • HQ - *counts as* Armenneus Valthex
    145 pts
  • Elites - Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
    175 pts
  • Troops -
    440 pts
    • Squad Cataphracti Ferio
      • Sgt, plasma pistol, powerfist
      • Plasmagunner
      • 8 marines
    • Squad Vibro Adamanteus
      • Sgt, plasma pistol, powerfist
      • Plasmagunner
      • 8 Marines
That's a cool 760, that really adds some tactical flex to my nearly all infantry Imperial Guard.  Later, as the fist step in expanding this detachment to an army in its own, will be some Devastators:
  • Heavy -
    265 pts
    • Squad Exactio Scalpellum
      • Sgt, combi-plas, power fist
      • 4 Lascannons
The detachment is still WIP.

Here is a shot of the cybot.  I'm going to have magnetized arms for weapon swaps, you can see the the right arm is done.

Some of the 'Techmarines' that make up the force:

These marines use bitz from GW, Anvil Industries, and Blight Wheel Miniatures.  These companies make some amazing after market bitz.

I'm using the Apothecary lamp as one of the features of the army; every figure will have one on a pack, helmet, arm, or mechandrite.  Of course, the Mechanicus shoulder pad is a requirement for all the models.  Bionics is an obvious feature, and since I want all of these marines to be 'techmarines', they will all have some sort of servo arm.  Two of the above feature home made arms, as will more of my force.  The first couple have been pretty simple.  The next one is a bit more ambitious, pictures coming as soon as I get some work done on it.


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