Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Breaking: Astra Militarum

So I promise not to be 'that guy' when it comes to rumors, but this is an IG blog. I imagine you have all seen the cover of the new book, the new Militarum Tempestus supplement, the Astra Militarum cover, as well as all the new models.

The interwebs are awash with opinion on the new vehicle and figures. For the record: I think the new transport thing has potential only for an Ork army; the Ogryns really weren't doing it for me and I took a second look, it was the guns. These new ripper guns look like out-sized bolters. The Hydra and Militarum Tempestus figures I like overall. There is lots of conversion potential across the range, as ever, and I am sure that once I get a look at the transport thing I can come up with something...

What about these rumors that there will be no Rough Riders in the new book? I certainly hope this bears false, since the idea of the Rough Riders embodies a part of 40k that I love, that crazy side of it. Main battle tanks and troop transports supported by suicidally reckless cavalry on the flanks.At least the guys in the Taros are in a go-kart. On the other hand, if they do phase Rough Riders out of the main Astra Militarum book, I will have an excuse to buy enough Azogs to make a DKoK list. Hmmm...


(I'll not post pictures because I don't need the headache from certain companies which don't know how to publicly relate.)

PS: You did see the pictures of the Warmaster, right?


  1. I agree on the Ogryns, I mean I do like em. But just have never been able to justify having them in any army I have made. I The Hydra and Militarum Tempestus figures. Means I wont have to heavily convert my carapace armored heavy infantry force.

  2. Same for me.
    Scions are so beautiful, Hydra is as expected.
    Taurox, I need to see how large it is, I don't want an RV.

    and, I think that I will continue to use Thallax to proxy the Ogryns.

    For the rough riders, I think they will be removed and you will need to use the DKoK Codex to use them. Personally, I proxy them with bike from

    1. Using the Thallax for Ogryns... I like that idea. Stay tuned :D