Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More Henchmen Complete

I had a burst of motivation seeing the first squad of henchmen finished, and over the past couple days I finished up the second squad.
The squad is lead by Lt. 'Rocky'. I figured the powerfist was appropriate here. This squad is armed with Mad Robot Miniatures Luminous CQ battle rifles and focused heat guns.

Here are all 20 henchmen. In continuing henchmen news, Lt. Diehard lost his head due to a tragic fall from my desk... and I do think that my cat snaked the head and ran off. I replaced it with a gas mask and cap head from Puppetswar.eu. Unfortunately I can't find the head on their site at this time. The head had a cross shaped depression in the top that I filled in with liquid green stuff and super glue.

I hope to have better shots of these guys soon.