Saturday, November 8, 2014

Techmarine Command Squad 001

In March I painted up this guy for the painting contest over on /r/warhammer40k.

He counts as a Librarian with that big ass axe of his. I decided when I was organizing models and bits into potential units back when I updated my overall Drax-agram that he needed a command squad. Now that I have a (sort of) regular game to join in, I'm actually getting it put together.

A couple years ago and in anticipation of this project I bought a few sets of bionics from here and there. I ended up with four legs that I couldn't help but try in the above configuration. I seem to recall a Skitarii commander from one Black Library novel or another with four legs and a battle axe. With that in mind I set out to build my company champion.
Early configuration of legs
The torso on the hips made for too squat a profile, so I added a 'spine'
This arm proved impractical for the pose I wanted, and has been replaced
The Company Champion is well on his way now. He will be equipped with a power weapon and combat shield. As intended, he is a bit taller then the other lads.

Apothecary's power pack
The Apothecary will have the standard gear, of course, and I used another of the bits purchased a bit back to add a servo arm and a couple of mechandrites.

My Standard Bearer is an old white metal Techmarine. His bolt pistol has been swapped out for a storm botler and the banner is the mechanicus sigil with a couple bits from the Rhino kit added on. The sigil is from a CoD panel originally.

Here is the  assembled command squad. Most of them still need power packs and servo arms, but by the time I get to publishing this post I will probably have started on those. Hell, at the rate I post these might even be painted by then.

So here is were overall the army sits. I have the bits to move forward on the Devastators. Once their done I need to decide how I want to represent all those servitors.


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  1. That's a really cool squad! If anyone is going to have four legs, it's going to be a techmarine. Could easily see them arguing for it to add additional rigid support!