Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 State of the Hobby

Or why do I keep starting new projects? I've only got a few in various stages of completion...
  • Imperial Guard
    • Commissariat
    • Leman Russ Tanks
    • Steel Legion Armoured Platoon
      • Chimera Transports
    • Jovian Strain Ogryns
    • Chimera Project
    • Armoured Sentinels
    • Suppressor Pattern Taurox
  • Space Marines
    • Iron Hands
      • Command Squad
      • Devastators
    • Deathwatch
      • Killteam Cassius
      • Death Masque DW
    • Ultramarines
      • Primaris Marines from DI
      • Roboute Guilliman
        • Talons of the Emperor
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
    • Start Collecting Skitarii
      • Bellisarius Cawl
    • Skullz Limited Mechanicus
    • Datasmith
      • Clockwork Knights
  • Imperial Knights
    • Knight Household
  • Inquisitorial Elements
    • Inq. Draco & Retinue
    • Inq. Lutor & Retinue
    • Interrogator Nerfgun Diorama
    • Renegade Inq. & Retinue
    • Artel W. Eisenhorn & Retinue
    • Queens of Disruptionl.,k.
  • Xenos
    • Tau Remnant
    • Abhuman Technoheresy
      • Nobz & Boyz
      • Deffkoptas
      • Trukk
      • Killa Kanz
    • Genestealer Cultists DW:O
      • Not Kerrigan/Kerrigenestealer
  • Chaos
    • Cypher/Cypheria
    • Iron Warriors (30k)
  • Boxed Games
    • Necromunda
      • MRM Van Saar
    • Space Hulk
    • Assassinorium: Execution Force 
    • WHQ Silver Tower
  • Terrain
    • Planetary Empires Campaign Map
    • Sector Mechanicus Terrain
    • Sector Imperialis Realm of Battle
    • Sewer Tile
    • Craters
    • Technobridge Project
    • Sigmarite Mausoleum
    • Abhuman Mekshop
    • Scrap Pile
    • Imperial Earthworks
      • Chimera Bunker
      • Sandbag Bunker
      • Sandbag Line
    • Bastion Hill
    • Trench Tiles
    • Danzig Gate
    • Sump Plant
    • Crashed Aquila Lander
Admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery, right? We'll see...

Along with cataloging my projects I have organized my Pile of Grey Shame so that I can see where most things are at a glance. Now hopefully being able to see all this will help me clamp down on snapping up new minis, kits, and terrain just on a whim. Last year I really displayed zero discipline when I'd see something on eBay or in GW's accelerated release schedule. I know it's been like this for a few years now but I'm still not used to it!

After the photobucket debacle last year I really lost a lot of hobby mojo. In getting things organized I decided to just finish a smallish terrain project to try and get rolling. That lead to me jumping in and getting a larger piece done, and then diving straight into the Dark Imperium box. Once I had it all assembled I kept driving, and got the Death Guard models painted up in record time (for me).

When February started I was ready to get stuck into Squaduary with my Primaris marines (and that project is moving right along). I don't know what other community events the year will bring, aside from Dreadtober. But relying on community events to be my motivation is just one way to set myself up for failure. I need to be my own motivation for getting stuff done! Enter Wargame Hobby Bingo...

I seriously think I can fill in the whole card this year. With all the projects I have rolling there should be no contest. I think the only square I'd need to start something new for would be 'Make something for the hobby not for the battlefield'... but I might not either. 

So that's my goal for the year: finish 23 projects and win hobby bingo. It's not even that crazy of an undertaking.




    1. Go for it ... so many shiny things

      1. Heh. Primaris Marines are around halfway done now... The trick is going to be seeing things through for a change XD

    2. Is that all? Pshaw, I say jump in! Really digging the hobby bingo card, I think I'm gonna have to give it a shot! :D

    3. Two choices man. Pitch in or sell it on to clear the palette. I let a lot of stuff go last year and it really helped ignite the hobby mojo as it was now a case of 'finish it or sell it"!

      1. I'm diving in for now. Some of it might get sold on after I finish it up. We'll see.