Friday, July 12, 2013

Terrain: Heavy Gun Nest 001

This piece of masonite is left over from when I was working on craters and fencing (which is still not finished), and I really couldn't see anything useful aside from another crater or debris pile.  Today I saw a heavy weapon nest, perfect for an autocannon team.  So I got out my Sharpie and drew some plans.

I plan for the nest to be H-beam and corrugated metal, with some sandbags, razor wire, and grenade sumps.  At the beginning of construction I was considering anti-vehicle spikes made of H-beam, but since decided against.

The hardest part of this task is cutting out the base (I'm limited to a utility knife in this case).  The next hardest part is making razor wire.  I use the wire wrapping method.  It is a monotonous task, but must be completed.

Once the H-beam supports for the corrugated metal walls are cut and installed, I begin cutting the card I'm using to shape.  In this case the card is coffee cup holders from the Sev which have been repurposed.

After the corrugated metal was cut to size, I added the support poles for the razor wire.  I ended up with an irregular pair of coils, but I think it adds to the overall look.  Now that everything is glued in place, I just wait for it to set.

Once the glue sets, I can begin adding sandbags, decking, and the grenade sumps.


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