Sunday, July 14, 2013

Azog Update 004

My Azogs need some special attention for their bases.  These are the first 40k cavalry bases I've worked on, but with so much space I'm sure it should be easy to customize them.

I score the bases, it helps things adhere better.  The bricks I'm using are from my resin terrain tile project (still not finished).  I cut and shaped the pieces with a hobby saw and a file.  Follow all appropriate safety procedures when working with resin since it is hazardous to your health.  This is the Sergeant's base, and will be the only one with a big swath of bricks.  All the bases will be finished with sand, and ultimately static grass.

I started the channel here with glue before deciding that greenstuff is much more effective for this.  The bikes will be weathered with sand and grass to match the terrain they will be set in.

The remaining three bike bases.

Sand added, and some drybrush layers.  Then for some ink and the final drybrush.

The completed bases.  While I'm posting this, the Azogs are on station for completion on my desk.


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