Monday, February 17, 2014

Mystery Project Revealed: Arbites Precinct House

On Saturday's paint table update, I mentioned very briefly the mystery project I have been working on. Now it is revealed: an Adeptus Arbites Precinct House. This model will represent a surface entrance to an Arbites Hall. There is a landing pad, defensive ramp, and plenty of firing position offered. I'm working on the project as part of's regular competitions. Their site is amazing if you're a terrain enthusiast.

These are the tools I used to get the patterns I needed drawn out on the foamcore. The adjustable square came in handy more than you might expect. I also cannot stress the usefulness of a nice steel ruler. Mine cost $2 at Walmart.

Using the above tools I was able to turn my single piece of foamcore into a sort of terrain flatpack.

33 pieces make up the core construction of the piece.

I cut the deck of the Precinct House to accept the buttresses of the walls. Then I set about assembling the walls. I wish I had remembered to take photos when I was performing the assembly, but once I got rolling, it was too late.

The underside of the piece. You can see the bracing around the edge, securing the deck to the walls and buttresses. I measured a line around the perimeter of all the walls and the tower for the landing pad and added supports at that uniform height all around.

The base measures 17"x24" and is 1/8" thick MDF. Next up will be hiding the seams with card detailing, as well as detailing the main deck, Precinct Entrance, and landing pad.


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