Sunday, February 23, 2014

Terrain: Arbites Precinct House 002

No Paint Table Saturday progress to speak of this week due to the fact that I've been cutting cardboard packets into strips and setting straight pin rivets for the Arbites Precinct House.

A worthy sacrifice for this terrain project. I ended up using this mac&cheese packet, one cracker packet, and half a cereal packet.

These 2" strips were attached around the outer wall to add some detail to what was otherwise plain. Then I connected all the vertical strips with horizontal strips. I covered these joints with rivet plates, then capped the walls.

These short pins had to be clipped in half to fit 
You can see here the ramp's detail as well. I added tread plates to help tracked vehicles make it up into the vehicle bay, as well as lots and lots of pin rivets. The Imperium loves rivets.

I covered the roof in sections of plastic canvas, or 'granny grating' as it is more commonly billed in gaming circles, divided by strips of .030x.060 styrene. The hatch in the roof is cardboard with the join drawn on heavily in ball point. The front doors to the Arbites House is a section of one of the CoD kits. For whatever reason I had this section in my bits box. I added an extra support column to the panel, then cut out a gap for it to sit in. The door panel is secured with hot glue.\

Next up to do on this project is detailing the walkway around the wall, then finish the landing pad.


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