Thursday, July 3, 2014

Terrain: Hab Blocks 001

So with 1st platoon almost done, I decided to start on a project that I've been sitting on for a few months now. I picked up a couple pieces of foamcore back then, with the idea of crafting a couple habs to sell. It fills a couple needs for me: I like to build terrain, but don't have a place to really store it; and I need money to continue purchasing hobby supplies. These first two that I am putting together are the dry run, if you will. I'm taking notes on the construction, about what to do right next time mostly.

I spent the first night of the project on drawing out all the cut lines. Snow Monster is super helpful with this stuff, keeping the foamcore warm for me.

Once everything was lined out, I started cutting windows. I was very careful, but not enough. I will need to be moreso in the future, so that there aren't little cuts past the corner of each window. At this point, I dryfit everything, and took measurements for the interior floors. Then I carefully cut a couple strips of foamcore to be floor supports. This is, of course, the point where I stopped taking photos... I swear its my super power.

I did manage to get a shot of cutting out the bases, each 12" square. I will situate the buildings in the center of each, with a 1.5" sidewalk around it. Then I went back to work with the foamcore.

First I glued together the narrow ruined wall and the intact section, then the other two sections. Once they were together, I added the floor supports. I cut out two squares for the interior floors, and then cut out ruined shapes from these. One of the most important things about this project was to use the piece of foamcore most efficiently, and I have managed it so far.

Next I gave everything a coat of grey paint. I hate trying to paint interiors once my buildings are assembled, and I have done a great many since I never seemed to learn before. This time I remembered. I painted the exterior and the window sockets, too. Then I glued the floors into the walls, and finally the walls together.

I remembered pictures again at this point.

Here is where construction is at now. I cut up some of the cork tiles I use for basing to use as sidewalk blocks. I had enough cork on hand to make seven tiles, I'll need something like 16 more to finish this building.

The destroyed corner of the hab will have a couple of craters. I'll also cut up some more slabs of foamcore rubble.



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