Friday, July 18, 2014

Terrain: The Land of Unfinished Projects

Hello and apologies for the radio silence of late. I've been working on a host of terrain projects started sometime over the last couple years, as well as the new stuff. I've managed to finish one project completely, refine the details on two more, and since I'm tackling all these I might as well get some work done on the fences I started in April of '12. I've even remembered to take pictures, mostly.

One of the reasons I am so focused on terrain at the moment is that I finally have enough that once I complete it, I'll have some great pieces for miniature photos. Noteworthy hobbyist JRN had a blog post in late 2011 about close cropped mini photography, and I never forgot. Hell, that and a couple of his mood shots are what sent me hunting on feeBay for the Necromunda bulkheads I now own.

So, what have I been grinding away at?

I got some work done on the hab block I started a couple weeks ago. Still to be done is rubble and debris, maybe wood floors. I haven't decided on that one, yet.

These trench wall sections have were assembled sometime during summer 2012, filler putty and sand added in summer 2013, and summer of 2014 finally sees them painted.

The not-hill took a coat of paint and is now ready for more details to be added. Here are the completed trench wall sections all laid out. The towers in the background there are pylons for an elevated pipeway through my city.

Here it is, the first section at least. This project started last summer, with me finding a perfectly useful section of broken .75" PVC sprinkler line. I snagged it from a waste bin, gave it a sniff to make sure it hadn't been in something nasty, then took it home and washed it off. A few months later I built and painted the two pylons. The deck was completed as well, but I was at a loss on how to produce handrails and how to secure the pipes to the pylons. Both issues solved, the project moves forward.

On the Necromunda front, I have finally decided that C channel strip styrene and thin card is the way to go for detailing the edges.

Finally, the fence sections I put together in spring of 2012 have all had DAP applied and are ready to be sanded and then painted. They are the longest running unfinished project so far.

So ends the tale from the land of unfinished projects. I will post a more detailed rundown on each project.



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