Thursday, January 12, 2017

Terrain: Technobridge 001

Some years ago I got myself a Pegasus Technobridge. I still think its one of the coolest simple terrain kits to come along ever. Nothing ever got done with that first bridge past assembly. I had ideas aplenty but just wasn't comfortable enough to try em. I did end up using Google Sketchup to mock up a couple things.

Fast forward to the present and I've got four technobridges in my stack of terrain material. I scored two for the price of one on eBay over the holidays and when they arrived I couldn't resist...

I took a few measurements and got to sketching.

As it came together in my head and notebook, I told myself I wouldn't let this one get away from me like the (still incomplete) drawbridge project or sump ruin... but the bridge is 24" long to begin with. This project was already out of hand. The overall footprint will be 24"x18". Two inches of foam will form the base that the bridge ramps will sit on, The deck will be 3.5" above tabletop. I plan to add pylons made of CoD tiles and a pedestrian walk to one side. Under the bridge will be a canal and some pipelines.

I've got a pretty good idea how this will all come together in the end. As far as materials go all I need is bit of MDF for the base and some 2" foam; everything else I have already. This is very much a project still in planning. In reviewing prior builds I've come to realize that I lose momentum and focus when I don't have a proper plan. This project has a lot of little things to get knocked out before I start putting it all together. If I do it right though, the final assembly will be like putting a Lego set together.



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