Saturday, February 11, 2017

Inq28: The Witchhunter 002

I've been lazy about posting of late. I've been working on my Ordo Hereticus warband despite the lack of updates.

Firstly, a list for this little detachment. I'm using the Codex: Inquisition detachment list. The one in Imperial Agents doesn't quite fit what I need. The Cyber-mastiffs are going to be counts as Arco-flagellants and their Arbites handler will be the counts as Crusader

Ordo Hereticus Warband

  Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lutor
  • bolt pistol
  • powersword
  Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband
    Crusader                   x1
    Arco-flagellant          x3
    Ministorum Priest      x5
  • eviscerator       x5
  • plasmagun
  • plasma pistol
  • autogun
  • bolt pistol         x2
Secondly I'm just about done with the unit. I have all the models I need.

My Mad Robot backpacks came in and I got that all set up to carry Inquisitor Lutor's myriad gunna. I also finished the powerplant on the baroque power sword he carries. I'm still working on sculpting that arm to match the torch arm.

Witchhunter Lutor is standing on his new base in the above photos. I've got bases for everyone in the unit, modeled after the deck of the technobridge. I'll cover those plans in another post.



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