Sunday, January 8, 2017

Inq28: The Witchhunter

The first model I have put time into in 2017 is my Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor. Witchhunter Lutor, the 40k equivalent of Witchhunter Gero from Mordheim. I decided against using Gideon Lorr to head this warband.

I was quite proud of that sculpt, the hat especially. The varnish ended up way to glossy and no matter what I tried it never toned down.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am building this new warband to reflect my old one. So a Witchhunter Inquisitor will lead five priests with chainswords that count as eviscerators. The Empire Priest will be an Arbites Enforcer. I've got one priest, one of the old Imperial Missionary models. I decided to track down the other Imperial Missionary as well as the Imperial Priest models to fill the other four slots. More on them once they arrive. The hounds are accounted for,

Witchhunter Lutor is armed with a powersword with antique hotshot laslock inbuilt. The sword comes from the Empire Freeguild Outrider kit unless I miss my guess. The torch comes from the Flagellant kit, the body is from the Bretonnian Men at Arms kit, and the head from the Space Marine Scout kit. I have to greenstuff his left arm into place as well as some gubbinz on the sword. After that I'll be waiting on some backpacks from Mad Robot Miniatures to arrive before I can finish him up.



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