Thursday, March 22, 2018

Monster March Update

 We're into Spring now and my monster is really blooming!

...I'm done I promise.

 I have been cracking right along though. I've got the legs done to the point I can mount them to the base, since that's done too.

 My first idea was to treat it like a normal infantry model and drive the pins through the base.

That shit didn't work. The idea just doesn't scale properly. Luckily for me the JB Weld hadn't completely set and I was able to peel the pins off and try again. I put the pins in the legs of my Knight and that worked out a lot better. JB Weld is pretty handy stuff.

As of this evening this is where progress currently sits. The carapace is more or less done. I've glued the chest, face, and the plate above the head on. The battle cannon is ready for highlights and touch up, and the gatling cannon is ready for it's all over black wash. As long as nothing crazy happens in the next ten days I should have no problem getting this guy done.

Next update will be the completed Knight!




  1. That's coming along great. Having painted a Knight myself, I know what a chore it is.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far.