Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Inq28: Witch Hunter 003

I've been working on a little of everything since I finished up my Squaduary pledge. Now before I discovered Monster March I had planned to do some work on my Inq28 warbands.

 First thing was to find everyone a base. I made custom bases for this warband last year. Once I got everyone squared away the next step is to get the two painted Imperial Priests cleaned up.

I went to my go to stripper, brake fluid. This stuff is awesome. Different people recommend different methods of cleaning off models and this is mine. It works wonders.

I used a toothbrush and a pick to work all the paint off the model. I was surprised how thick the paint had been slathered on these guys but two soaks were enough to handle it. I will leave the models in the jar for 24 hours and then go to work. Once the easy layers sloughed off they went back in the jar for another hour or two, then I went to work with the pick. Pick and rinse, pick and rinse.

After the priests were clean I got everyone pinned to their bases and threw a basecoat of black primer over em. Getting a pin in the cyberhound's paw was a pain but it worked. Now I just need to work out what colours I want to paint everyone.



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