Thursday, March 8, 2018

Monster March Update

I've managed to get a lot of painting on my first Knight done in the past few days. The house heraldry is the blue and yellow, with a quarter blocked out to signify an alliance with the Mechanicus.

My idea for a household is a filthy rich Rogue Trader raised his banner and a few Freeblades came to the call. They provided fire power and support while the trader plied the fringe. The Freeblade pilots formed a household of sorts. Eventually the Trader 'retired' to the governership of a deep space way station. The Knights became a powerful force on the station and were able to hire out as a mercenary band to myriad nearby systems. After a thousand years or so they had adopted uniform heraldry and made strong alliances to a forgeworld in the sector. The household has persisted to the 41st millennia.

It works for me.



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